News: Horex VR6 Café Racer 33 Limited

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Horex VR6 Cafe Racer 33 ltd

At the heart of Horex motorcycles is the company’s own patented 15-degree VR6 1218cc engine, with a claimed 126 hp and 88.5 ft lb of torque at 7000rpm. This six-cylinder unit features two intake valves and one exhaust valve per cylinder, positioned radially around each spark plug. Three parallel camshafts mounted in the head operate the valves. The center camshaft opens the exhaust valves in the rear cylinder bank as well as the intake valves in the front. This engineering concept of triple cams is unique to Horex and the company says the set up allows for a wide rpm range, better combustion and a broad power band.

Horex VR6 Cafe Racer 33 ltd

For the Cafe Racer VR6 model, Horex employed the services of well-known German accessory company LSL Motorradtechnik to design and develop the bike. The suspension set up has been up rated over the Classic and the Roadster models with Horex adopting Öhlins FGRT upside-down 43 mm forks and Ohlins TTX 36 rear swingarm. Both are fully adjustable along with a 16-way adjustable steering damper.

Horex VR6 Cafe Racer 33 ltd

Braking is via twin 320mm Brembo discs, single 264 mm rear disc, with Bosch ABS as standard.  Front end features include a CNC-machined triple clamp and clip-ons. The machined footrests on the Café racer are set slightly further back than those on the Horex Classic and the bike, without fuel, according to the company’s literature, weighs in at a stout 549 lbs.

LSL has also incorporated a deeper seat into the Café Racer’s design and a modified tail section over the passenger seat to make it look like a single seat bike. The front fender has been chopped and is narrower while the rear fender has been completely redesigned. Cosmetic differences also include a new, round headlight, aluminum radiator cover and different passenger footrests and new camshaft covers.

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  • tarun

    So one thing that is missing – why should I buy this bike? For the money I could get a pretty sweet custom built cafe….

    • Michael Love

      To show off to all your rich friends.

      • runnermatt

        Your comment has been nominated for best explanation of purpose for this motorcycle.

  • Jack Meoph

    Or you could get a new car, and a new MC of your choice, and a 50″ LCD/LED 3D TV, and order Pizza. Probably have money left over to buy some new kit as well.

    • zedro

      I’m not sold on this, what kind of pizza are we talking about?

      • Ayabe

        It was capitalized, so I think good pizza.

      • runnermatt

        Ah, fancy pizza. I’m a pizza connoisseur (had to goggle spelling) and recommend slightly spicy pepperoni and fresh slightly tangy pineapple with a selection of cheeses a good slightly sweet tomato sauce all on a flavorful crust. It is best if all ingredients complement each other while adding a slight flavor that is all their own.

        If people are squeamish about the pepperoni and pineapple combination I recommend a good sausage that is similar in spice to the pepperoni.

        • zedro

          Instead of pepperoni, maybe german sausage, you know, for the irony?

        • chris ordanez

          This is almost my favorite pizza. I add black olives to the pepperoni and pineapple.

          The spicy/salty/sweet combo is pizza nirvana.

  • JP

    How can a bike that expensive look so cheap? I lol’ed at the seat cowl.

  • Adam

    Yeah, no.

  • Rameses the 2nd

    Someone was complaining about a short 2 page article this morning, so RA created this one with 3 pages. In your face, whiner!

  • Kamenashi

    An engine from Volkswagen?

    • runnermatt

      I was wondering the same until I saw the Gore has a displacement of about 1200cc. As far as I know the smallest VR6 from VW was 2.8L, or roughly 2800cc. I also think VW’s VR6 is a 4 cam, but I’m not sure on that. I am curious about the Horex patent though and what makes this engine so special that it even qualified for one. Being that patent are only legal binding in the country they are acquired in it makes me wonder if Hired only applied for one so they could brag about having one.

      • John

        Apparently the patent is for using a VR6 in a motorcycle, which shouldn’t qualify as a patent at all.

      • Andrew Pickle

        VW’s VR6 (at least the one I had in my 1998 Jetta), had 2 cams, but was technically a SOHC 12 valve engine. Each cam worked for 3 cylinders.

  • John

    “Brownish silver”?!? They ought to try getting somebody in marketing.

    • zedro

      Brownish silver is the only color left for 2013 Versys’s on dealer floors. I prefer the term “rootbear”

      • Randy Singer

        Brown was the color that made the Zune such a success in its competition with the iPod.

  • Paul Cypert

    Looks like a bike built by a committee.

  • Piglet2010

    I’m buying 20 of these for the Satanic connotation.

  • Joe_Bob_Einstein

    Dear RA crew —

    I have been critical of late regarding the 2wheel-4wheel mashup at RA.

    Of course, it takes very little effort to criticize when I have made no money investment or content contribution, and I realize it is difficult to keep fresh content flowing, so I am now vigorously complementing you on the past few articles of this week, including this one above.

    These features are the meat & potatoes that us lovers of all things motorcycling crave.

    Kudos, folks !

    PS — having a Driveapart link on the top banner is a great idea, and allows me to visit that site when I want the latest about 4 wheeled world.

    • Jason Fogelson

      Thanks, Joe Bob — We’re listening, and working hard to deliver great articles. We’re also trying for transparency — giving our take on the information that we receive directly from manufacturers, then giving you the opportunity to see the unfiltered info as well. Glad if you find it useful.

  • John

    If I had stupid amounts of money, I’d have to have one.

  • runnermatt

    I would rather have a Honda CB1100 or Ducati Monster.

  • Scheffy

    True to the Official German Motorcycle Design Handbook (post-R90/6 revision), it’s outlandishly expensive and eyeball-meltingly hideous. It looks like something Iron Man crapped out after eating a bunch of industrial meat grinders and Swingline hole punches, with the visual accents finalized by Stevie Wonder.
    Also, it’s a little weird somebody left their chastity belt on top of the back seat through all those pictures.

  • Reid

    The Moto Morini Rebello seems like a much more appealing option, but that’s strictly my opinion.

  • ‘Mike Smith

    Why bother with what looks like a single sided swing arm, and then totally cover it up with two big ‘ole mufflers?

  • Gabe Cosarca

    Looks like a crudely modified Speed Triple. I can’t see where that price tag is coming from, the spoked wheels for tubeless tires?! All the LSL crap? Homedepot made front fender?!

    • John

      The engine.

  • John

    It occurs to me that a VR4 engine might be pretty sweet. I never did like the massive width of I4s.