World’s Fastest Honda Monkey Bike

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World's Fastest Honda Monkey Bike

Honda Monkey Bike

Honda Monkey Bike

Honda Monkey Bike

Honda Monkey Bike

  • Heath Collins

    10/10! Would ride.

  • Brian

    Micro Hoonage!!!

  • Gabe Cosarca

    I need this in my life.

  • Scheffy

    These people obviously have more time and money than sense, and I’d very much like to get drunk with them and encourage this sort of behavior.

  • david janzen

    What’s the filter hanging out the back for?

    • Matt Woolley

      I’m guessing a crankcase vent. I have one on my pit bike.

  • juliansr

    Right up front, i love this little gem, and thank them for sharing it out with us.

    I know these are Glamor shots, but I’m left with a million questions and ideas.

    “Mortimer estimates the turbo is producing around 12 lbs of boost” Estimates? Seriously? I would think a boost guage would be #1 on any blown bike – how else do you manage throttle control when RPMS are worthless? I see they have a quarter dozen other guages for fuel pressure, etc…

    EFI or Carb?

    Have they considered insulating the turbo/manifolds to help with heat?

    What type of fuel? Higher than 93RON at 12 PSI and it might burn too slowly at those higher rpms.

    can i touch your monkey?

    ok, only 999,996 more…

  • Jesse

    This is one of those “Damnit, I wish there was video of this bike spooling up” moments.

  • JP

    Looks like a time machine with wheels.

  • Nemosufu Namecheck

    That think looks like afterbirth – would ride.

  • nick2ny

    Earl of Sandwich.

  • Clint Keener

    I stumbled upon a monkey bike shop in japan. It was glorious.

  • Don Fraser

    100 mph should take less than 50 hp as shown by the 300 Ninja

    • Jesse

      I suspect the Ninja 300 has far better aerodynamics than this little monster, which certainly will help.

      • Don Fraser

        there are no modern motorcycles with good aerodynamics, they just make them look that way, the old dustbin fairing race bikes and Vetter’s scooters are the only things coming close

    • Sam

      ”We already just about hitting 100mph between 4,000 and 6,000 rpm but the set-up we’re running means the engine is capable of pulling all the way to 14,000 rpm.”

  • eddi

    I had to look up the term “monkey bike”. Oh my Sweet Lord! 100mph on THAT! These people are crazy. I mean that in the nicest possible way of course. Still… If they survive I hope their dreams come true.

  • Mr. White

    That’s just crazy in the best possible way. The machining on it is gorgeous.

  • Davidabl2

    Seconding Mr. White.. this thing is “a plumber’s nightmare” in the best possible way. Though the phrase was initially coined to describe pre-war Vincents it fits this bike even better.

  • alex

    Iam gessing that thay know that bonneville is 1200m ish above sea lvl and sandwich kent is 1m ?/so the boost would need to be adjusted to suit as in do the math ;)/ o and bloody good luck with it all ;)