Fisker and LEGO Viking Concept motorcycle

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Viking Concept Bike

It’s cold and dark in Denmark during the winter. Perhaps that explains the unholy alliance that has resulted in the Viking Concept motorcycle that debuted this week at the Top Marques luxury brands show in Monaco.

Anders Kirk Johansen, a Danish industrialist whose family invented LEGO, acquired the Lauge Jensen ( brand of motorcycles in 2012. He hired vehicle designer Henrik Fisker, most recently of the defunct car company that bore his name, to design a concept motorcycle. The Viking Concept was conceived as a production prototype, a muscle cruiser that complies with stringent 2016 Euro IV emissions regulations.

Viking Concept Bike

The bike takes the form of a classic cruiser, with sculpted, flowing lines. Breaking with mass-produced cruiser tradition, the tank, seat and rear fender blend together seamlessly, rather than revealing frame tubes and construction. The bike gets its power from a 45-degree V-twin that is said to produce 100 hp with a potential top speed of 130 mph. No further specs have been released, but the engine looks like an air-cooled Harley Evo clone, with visible pushrods, a separate transmission case and belt final drive. The lines are nice, and the details are worthy of a pricey custom.

Viking Concept Bike

Lauge Jensen produces another muscle cruiser, the Great Dane, which has built a following among rich Europeans like soccer star Wayne Rooney. The Viking is planned as a more affordable motorcycle, less bespoke and more mass produced than the Great Dane, which starts at 42,800 euros.

Viking Concept Bike

Fisker injected a good amount of style into the Viking Concept, but seems to have avoided the pitfalls of alternative fuels and battery electric operation. That’s probably a good thing, based on the unfortunate end that befell the Fisker Karma last year. This is Fisker’s first attempt at motorcycle design, and hopefully not his last.

  • HammSammich


    • eddi

      You can’t depart from the standard cruiser look or you lose whatever part of your target audience you haven’t already lost by not being Harley-Davidson. All the innovation is probably buried in the engine.

    • John White

      You can’t make a cruiser that looks too new and interesting. Look at the reception of the CTX1300

  • Richard Gozinya

    It’s certainly a nice looking bike. TIme will tell as to quality.

  • nomad2495

    Looks incredible, but probably won’t be great, especially looking at that big and heavy Harley style engine.

  • Jack Meoph


    • PaddingtonPoohBear

      Why do so many bikes and cars have so much chrome??? Do that many people really think “ooh shiny!” when they make a decision to buy something? Other than that it looks great!

      • Nemosufu Namecheck

        Yeah I think so. Some of those extra packages cost thousands of dollars. I’m no better though. I’ll pretty much buy anything if you strap an extra crash bar on it.

  • brian fleenor

    Not my kind of bike, but it has nice lines.

  • zedro

    Probably the most novel part is the rear fender and taillight assembly, very clean if its actually legal.

    • Vincent T.

      It’s not. In EU, UK and US, at least.

      • Richard Gozinya

        The side license plate thing is legal in the US, or at least it recently was. A few Harleys had it like that stock.

        • Justin McClintock

          In some states. Not in all.

        • Vincent T.

          Just because they do it doesn’t mean it’s legal. There are about 2 guys to enforce that stuff in the US and all of the DOT conformance stuff is self-certifying.

  • Michael Howard

    I do not understand how a “clean sheet design”, starting from scratch, ends up looking so similar to what already exists in multitudes. This looks like just another customized H-D. Why, if you can build anything, would you want to build something almost cookie-cutter-esque?

    Then again, when a new design IS different and unique, people piss and moan about how ugly it is.

  • sixgunsteve

    That thing is AWESOME! Like nothing I’ve ever seen before . . .

    • Gerection Gerection


  • Nemosufu Namecheck

    The Viking is a beautiful motorcycle. I just went to the website to read a little more about it and its engine is built in Wisconsin. It seems to be put together really tight. The overhead view looks like a woman’s body.

    • Richard Gozinya

      Yeah, fairly impressive, if the numbers on it are accurate. A 600+ lbs bike that gets 70mpg. Not a bad accomplishment, as far as the engine goes.

      • Justin McClintock

        If its European, that probably imperial gallons. And if you use imperial gallons, many Harleys just about hit that. Mind you, it’s still good, it’s just not that rare in that light.

  • KeithB

    Oh look! Another big V twin cruiser.

  • Justin McClintock

    Less dished out seat, mid-mounts, and a tail that doesn’t end quite so abruptly and they might be on to something. As is….not doing much for me. Especially that rear fender. It looks so close to being really good, but as is, it definitely falls shorts.

  • Davidabl2

    Coming from Denmark, renowned for “Danish Modern” design, and home of the innovative-in-it’s-day Nimbus motorcycle AND also having a LEGO connection…I had expected more innovative design on this bike,and not just excellent craft.

    The Nimbus article on wikipedia is an interesting read, by the way.

    inline 4′s with shaft drive, gas tank integrated into the top tube 1919
    telescopic front forks & ohc valves….in 1932
    Production ceased in 1960, with about 12,000 being made …and 4,000 of them still on the road in Denmark.
    Reliable, practical, parts cheap and readily available in Denmark anyway. Kind of the ‘Anti-Lauge” :-)

    Some more history and an account of a ’57 with sidecar still being used as a work vehicle in a California vineyard in 2006..

  • Charles Quinn

    Rubbish. Anyone who can look at how the tank meets the seat on this bike and proclaim its “flowing lines” has no eye whatsoever. My VN900 has better lines than this. It looks like it has a broken back, and you probably will too after riding it — there can’t be more than an inch of rear suspension travel there. But I don’t suppose it’s meant to be ridden very far. And hopefully it’ll never see rain either, as the tank seems designed to direct water at your crotch (not so obvious in the pictures here). Wayne Rooney will probably like this one too though, it’s about as ugly as him.

  • Mr.Paynter

    My mom always taught me that if you have nothing nice to say…