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Icon Airframe Statistic

It’s hard to believe that Icon’s popular Airframe helmet has been around since 2008 and to mark the occasion the Portland-based company has just launched the Statistic version with a very distinctive safety message.

At first glance, the Statistic looks like it’s just covered in random numbers, but Icon says it has taken information from the comprehensive 1981 Hurt Report – a five year long study into U.S. motorcycle crashes – and marked on the Statistic areas where a rider’s helmet is most likely to be hit in the event of an accident.

Icon’s representative said: “The Hurt report really showed how important it is to wear a full face helmet when riding a motorcycle. More than 40% of impacts happen at the front of a helmet, particularly around the face and the jaw area.

“At Icon, we only make full face helmets, and the reasons why are emblazoned on this new graphic on the Airframe Statistic.”

Icon Airframe Statistics

This is not the first time that Icon has produced this style of helmet and while the safety message is pretty clear (to those that know) it does seem an odd thing to ride around with a lot of numbers on your helmet.

“The previous version we did using these numbers proved to be very popular,” added Gustafson. “It’s a statement we stand by and we think with the Statistic we’re making a unique talking point by debuting this new color way.”

The Airframe has a loyal following amongst those who ride with one. It features a fiberglass/dyneema (a high torsional strength polythene) /carbon fiber shell, has multiple vents, a Prolock locking visor and a rear spoiler designed to reduce head buffeting.

Icon says the Airframe Statistic is available now, in sizes from XS to 3XX and is priced at $390.

Would you wear a helmet with this type of design?

  • Heath Collins

    I’ve been showing that Hurt Report graphic to every person I know that tells me they are thinking of getting anything but a full face helmet. Have been for many years. This is a very cool helmet and I hope it helps further raise awareness.

    • Mr. White

      Heck, all ya gotta do is Google “open face helmet crashes” and then click on the photo gallery. Yuuuuuuuccckkk! That will convince anyone.

  • LS650

    Good stats to know, but an ugly design.

  • skongara

    Nope. Just cant bring myself to buy something made by ICON. I have been eager to try the AIRMADA seeing that rideapart seems to love it, but there is not one design that I like completely. Plus the whole image ICON puts out in its marketing is just over the top.

    • Benjamin Reynolds

      Well, the helmets are available in solids… but I agree the image ICON goes after in the marketing is something that I wouldn’t want to associate myself with. That being said their helmets are good options at the price points they compete in.

      • skongara

        Agreed. I did consider the solids (not a big fan), but found some awesome deals on the Bell RS-1. Came in cheaper than the AIRMADAs. ICON does really go after a particular image, and seems to be doing well. So I don’t blame them for not trying to tailor their stuff to a larger audience.

    • kent_skinner

      I’m not a fan of their image, but I like them more after reading that they only make full face helmets. I assumed that they also made novelty helmets.

    • Bruce Steever

      Marketing =/= product. Some of Icon’s wilder stuff trades a bit too much in terms of fit vs function, but the mainstream stuff is really good. Take a look at an Overlord leather jacket sometime, or the Airmada helmet for that matter.

    • Mark D

      There’s been a rare noticeable shift in their product design lately. I have an Airmada helmet in plain white and some shorty leather gloves in plain black, and they were both an amazing deal for the money. Helmet was $180 (and felt better than $350 helmets), and the gloves are perfectly suited for urban duty at $40. Their new Icon 1000 stuff looks great (plus good looking jackets at $300).

      • Piglet2010

        The ICON gloves I have had fell apart in short order – maybe they have improved in the last 3 years?

        • Ben W

          I’d continue to avoid their gloves, based on my wife’s recent experiences, but the jackets and helmets are solid.

        • Mark D

          Mine have held up fine over the last 6 months. No complaints, but I only use them in-town, not heavy touring or in the rain, etc.

  • Clint Keener

    I like this graphic! Don’t think I would buy it per se, but it’s much better than the standard flaming dragon Shoei and Arai style.

    (I have a Shoei)

    • Bruce Steever

      Shoei’s been hitting the tribals and flames a bit too hard lately, but some of the newer stuff is pretty clean. And Arai finally got onboard with the idea that graphics can be A. not a racer replica, and B. not lame. In particular, see the Corsair V “Fiction”.

  • David P.

    I don’t think the Airframe has been around for more than a decade. I bought a Mainframe (its predecessor) in 2006 and it was a fairly new model at the time. I believe the Airframe released in 2007 or 2008.

  • Steve p

    I wish they would make it in a Hi-Viz. Then i would be all for it!

  • Karen

    I think Hi-Viz is a good idea for this helmet as well, especially given the safety message that it promotes. It would be a great teaching tool to have on hand for instructors of the MSF classes. If I were shopping for a new helmet, I would definitely try the Airframe Statistic on for fit.

  • Paolo

    I WANT ONE! The Icon sizing is quite different though: I’m usually L on other brand helmets, but XXL when I tried on a friend’s Airmada Chain Brain…

    • Ben W

      Be careful about how you define what the right size in a helmet is. It’s about protection, not comfort. There are two elements – circumference and shape. Icons lean towards a medium to long oval head shape while the circumference-per-size is similar to most other manufacturers. If you have a round head, you might have to size up in Icon so your head doesn’t feel squeezed, but there will be a gap at the front at rear that significantly compromises protection.

      Our local shop won’t sell a helmet that isn’t fit to the customer by a sales rep. Tons of customers THINK they’re 1-2 sizes larger than they actually are.

      • Paolo

        Thanks for the advice! Will take that into consideration when buying my next helmet (hopefully this one)

      • Piglet2010

        If I cannot get the lid on my head with a normal amount of force, it is too small, no matter how it fits once on.

        • Ben W

          I’m sure you know this so this is for the sake of other readers who might not. The right size for a helmet is based on the fit of a helmet around the crown of your head with the liner removed – it should make contact all the way around.. The right size is a combination of the right circumference (measure the crown of your head) and shape. Most things after that are about comfort and preference.

          Arai has a solid guide: http://www.araiamericas.com/helmets/sizing.html

          A helmet that is difficult to put on could be the wrong circumference, wrong shape (i.e. round head in a long oval shaped helmet), or a helmet that has a purposefully tight opening. Icon’s Airmada and Schuberth’s SR-1 helmets use intentionally tight openings to reduce noise and provide a snug fit around a larger portion of the head.

          • Piglet2010

            One advantage of flip-face lids is they can be a snugger fit – my Bell Revolver EVO is a better fit than my Bell Vortex, but the Revolver will not go on with the chin-bar closed unless an unreasonable amount of force is used. But then they are either weaker and/or heavier than a solid lid.

            I will likely try a Bell RS-1 for a track-day lid once the new custom fit is available.

  • William Connor

    Definitely goes to show why a half helmet or even 3/4 helmet isn’t the ideal protection. It also brings into question the testing for helmets being focused a lot on a drop of weight into the crown of the helmet.

    • Robotribe

      The answer could be prioritizing brain-injury protection ahead of all else. Still, I like my face and have always worn FF helmets.

  • Robotribe

    I’m torn. Part of me appreciates the effort of communicating this information in an arguably “clever” way. However, I’m also a little creeped out about the idea overall; it’s not too unlike dressing yourself like a crash test dummie.

    • Michael Howard

      Hmm… dressing like a crash test dummy… ;)

  • Ross McCurdy

    It’s a good thing the visor locking system is low in statistics, since it breaks every 2-3 months of use on mine. Since it only costs $13 to replace it isn’t considered a warranty item, yet I’ve replaced 2 in 6 months. Would hate to get into an accident and have it break for something other than opening and closing it.

  • mrniceguy715

    a few weeks ago someone posted a pic from icon labs with this graphic but the background was a skull…. [img]https://distilleryimage9.s3.amazonaws.com/5a0d17de943d11e399761229147967f5_8.jpg[/img]

  • Robert Horn

    And I thought Dave Buonaguidi’s helmet was just art…

    • Piglet2010

      Is that the front or back side?

      I am still hoping someone makes an ECE 22.05 compliant Darth Vader replica lid – would go well with my black Honda Elite 110.

      • Robert Horn

        Front, I…think. Now all it needs is an old yellow tint bubble visor.

  • Alex

    Haha, they should have a graphic with these stats on it.

  • http://metabomber.com/ Jesse

    I am so happy Icon made this. If I wasn’t still happy with my Construct version of the same helmet, I’d pick it up. Three seasons into the helmet, haven’t had to fix the visor mechanism yet (with practically daily swaps during Fall, thanks to it being dark when I leave work), and I love that it come with clear and tinted visors.

    Goes nicely with my Overlord Stealth jacket. Great gear in a non-flashy package for us old farts that get weirded out by things like ‘color,’ or ‘themes.’

  • Tim Graham

    I would rock this in a heartbeat. Make the numbers reflective and it would be fantastic / trippy at night!