Motorcycle Fails Video Mashup

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Motorcycle Fails Video Mashup

Motorcycle safety is something we take very seriously here at RideApart. So when we come across the latest mash up of motorcycle fails we can’t help but cringe and be thankful for the modern advancements in gear.

Surprisingly, many of the riders were able to move, walk or simply shrug it off. Some are more hair raising than others and some are flat out idiotic. So two things to take away from this mash up…one, it pays to wear your gear no matter what riding situation you find yourself in and two, pay attention to your environments when riding.

Motorcycle Fails Video Mashup

More often than not, the accident that could take you out of commission will come from somebody else’s lapse in situational awareness. Safe riding everybody. [Source: WTFcompilations]

Have you had any close calls lately?

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  • BobasBounty

    Man, I have to assume some of those “hop up and walk away” situations were adrenaline. There’s no way some of those didn’t cause serious injury.

    I’m honestly pretty surprised by how many of those were the rider’s fault. Usually these mash-ups are people merging into bikes or plowing into the back of them as they text.

    • Dez

      Is it just me …………………..I hate these kind of compilation video’s yuk !!!

  • Jesse

    So much pucker watching these.

  • caferacer

    Hey guys don’t call this a fails compilation. 90% of these are avoidable, gut wrenching accidents caused by very negligent drivers (and I’ll bet anything 3:09 was a fatality…) A fail is three dudes in a red sidecar or a Harley muppet crashing a burnout at Daytona. I know the YouTube uploader titled it but don’t perpetuate the error at the risk of implying riders are often to blame. Of course I know that you know that we aren’t, but you know… don’t. #FAIL.

    • Michael Howard

      The majority of these could have been avoided if the riders had their heads out of their butts. A VERY large part of riding on the street is being aware of what’s going on around you and being prepared to take evasive action.

    • IRS4

      Where did Mr. 3;09 even go?!? Into to the car? That F-er just dis-uh-peered.

      • zedro

        I think you can see his arm make it over the car….

    • Luke

      Agree. Fails are funny – accidents like these are anything but.

  • RyYYZ

    I’d say probably about half of these collisions that involve other cars or trucks “violating” the rider’s right of way are still the rider’s fault, as they were going way to fast. When people are deciding whether it’s safe to make a left turn, for example, they don’t expect the approaching vehicle to be doing 3 times the speed limit.

    And if I ever manage to rear end another vehicle while riding, please just take my license away already.

    • Patrick Garcia

      Exactly my thinking. It doesn’t matter who has the right of way. It’s about doing everything in your power to minimize the chances of an accident. You can’t blame a motorist for hitting you when you’re doing three times the speed of traffic lane splitting. This refers back to an older RideApart article, “It’s always your fault.”

      • RyYYZ

        I’m not sure that I’d agree that “it’s always your fault”, but certainly the vast majority of accidents are avoidable through the use of defensive riding techniques, and good situational awareness. I doubt if anything could have saved the guy at 0:41, who was rearended by a car that had been attempting to pass (it appears), but in most of these the riders had at least allowed themselves to be in bad positions for avoiding threats.

        • Gerection Gerection

          “situational awareness” is SO key!!! Of course there will be occasions when there is nothing you can do, but defensive driving WILL help.

    • eddi

      Trust me, the cops will and the judge won’t let you have it back for years.

    • Campisi

      That’s an excellent attitude to hold- inside one’s head, where it’ll do some personal good. When motorcyclists start shouting it from the rooftops, however, all of those texting drinking napping cagers desperate to absolve themselves from their contribution to the problem take it and run with it. There’s already a societal understanding in the States that the motorcycle is at fault simply for existing on the road. We don’t need to be reinforcing that.

      • Lee Scuppers

        Nothing we say will ever affect people who don’t pay attention. They’ll never even know we said it.

        You’re the only one whose behavior you can affect.

  • Stephen Wuebker

    0:41 was attempted murder. Not sure where the fail was there.

    • I Have the Hat

      I had the same thought. The others may have been negligence on the part of one or the other, but hopefully the driver was prosecuted in that instance.

  • guest

    The west is usually known for good driving standards and people abiding by traffic rules, I witnessed that when i lived in UK for 3 years, but this decency is often lost when a driver in a car sees a motorbike or a bike (bicycle), am not sure if this is because people do not often expect motorcycles on road dude or negligent driving or just a hate towards anything with two wheels.

    Being from India I am used to chaotic traffic, but a large number of commuters still use motorbike, 99% of the time most people learn to ride before they learn to drive. Thankfully I find the “cagers” a bit more considerate where I ride around.

    Just to make things clear I am not claiming that Indian traffic is ideal and safer :D, but the drivers are a bit more aware of fragile riders who share the road with them.
    I wish the roads are safer for fellow riders all over the world :) .

  • hunkyleepickle

    no doubt a majority of these are completely avoidable by the rider. And almost all of the bikes are going way, way too fast.

    • Jeremy

      Couldn’t agree more. By my unofficial count nearly all were rider error. Most of the time the error was going too fast for traffic.

      • JamesM

        Especially considering many of these are Dash cams of other cars in traffic. Darwin should have taken the one without the helmet.

        • eddi

          Not even Darwin wanted him.

  • IRS4

    Maybe like two of those where the rider wasn’t 90% at fault. Still hard to watch though. My only moto accident in 25 years of riding was getting torpedoed in the six at a stop light in Hollywood by a drunk, unlicensed, uninsured hit-and-run Mexican. Saw him in the mirror and got on the gas, but only so much you can do from a stop against a car approaching at 50 mph.

    • Ayabe

      Glad you made it alright, that is my worst nightmare for sure. The one thing that truly scares me about riding.

      • IRS4

        Thanks. Totaled bike. Car rode up between tire and subframe and catapulted me forward.Triple summersault resulting in bruised hip thanks to ATGATT. I was the only one at the light, so no cars to hide between. They found him in part because my license plate was imbedded in his bumper.

        • Paolo

          Holy crap! Good thing you’re ok!

        • eddi

          Lets have a witness for ATGATT! Amen and halleluiah!

  • chris ordanez

    The WTFCompilations account has apparently been suspended by YouTube.

    I try to watch videos like this every so often as a reminder to stay sharp. Oh well.

  • Guzzto

    I don’t see the point of posting these other than as filler material because you’ve run out of original content, I check in to Ride Apart every now and then hoping to see some improvements but it seems things are getting dumbed down even more. sigh. (also I dont find other people misfortune a source of entertainment)

    • JohnnyWaffles

      The point is it generates discussion, also a feature on RideApart.

    • 200 Fathoms

      Agreed. Reposts from YouTube are a bit lame.

  • Blake Bryce

    I rode in Atlanta for 3 years and it was almost a daily thing on 75/85 that someone would come in your lane. I left many heel sized dents in doors.

    • JamesM

      I live in Atlanta and would love a baton for when this happens. Coughing up $300 for a new mirror seems the only logical way they use it next time they want to get over.

  • Charles Quinn

    There are virtually no true “accidents” on the road and very few incidents where one party is entirely at fault. YOU are responsible for your safety, not the driver who texts while driving, doesn’t know how to signal, doesn’t check their blind spot etc. If they hit you it’s because YOU weren’t riding well enough, end of story. If you’re inclined to take any other attitude you shouldn’t be out there.

    NB. This may or may not be a pile of horseshit, but I find it helpful to say it to myself every day anyway.

    • eddi

      As some once said, “no, no that’s @#$**^%$#@ perfect.” And it is too. A defensive attitude and some good sense would have kept that lot out of danger.

  • eddi

    Let’s see; too fast for road conditions, just plain too fast, inattentive, dangerous manuvers, lane splitting exactly the wrong way, speeding (I think I spotted one trend here), total lack of riding skills, suspicion of intoxication. OK one or two of them got hit rather than knocking themselves off, but the one forced onto the curb was lollygagging in the driver’s blind spot. I think I saw one get punched. And one rear ended on an open road. The preponderance of evidence says we are our own worst enemies. Learn this from others and save on hospital and mechanic bills.

  • Conrad

    My best explanation is that Hitler and the Nazis did too good of a job eliminating intelligent Russians (Stalin, too).

  • Aaron Baumann

    Yeah, I like videos like this because they help offset the statistics in my mind. Sure, motorcyclists get in a lot of accidents, but the video shows me that as long as I don’t ride like an idiot I’ll probably be OK.

  • Boredinmin

    Am I the only one who slows down and looks around at intersections?

    • Paolo

      Nope. I do that too, even if it takes a second longer to cross.

  • Boris Poliakov

    most of this footage was made in Russia, where way too many people drive like lunatics. most riders keep their bikes indoors for 5 months of the year, due to long winters. few can ride well

  • KC

    Damn. There were so many things wrong in each of these cuts.

  • blackcayman

    I was in my car the other day and changing lanes on the freeway. As I moved over one lane I saw a gigantic pile about the size of a body laying crossways in the lane beyond mine (turned out to be a clumped up rug). If I had been on my bike and had moved into that lane without a clear view of the road in front of me, it could’ve been awful. I only share this as another warning about possible scenarios that can trip us up out there.

    • eddi

      Always a surprise around every corner. That’s motorcycling in a nutshell.

  • Dave

    My experience is that, with the exception of trail riders, when I see a helmet mounted camera it’s a safe bet there’s no brain underneath.. Documenting one’s own stupidity seems to be the driving force for the decision to go out in public with such an abomination stuck on your head. And these guys really have no shame. If I was stupid and unskilled enough to pilot a bike like they do, at least I’d have the decency to be too ashamed to publicize it. Another characteristic of our burgeoning Facebook/U-Tube society.