New Yamaha R1 In The Works?

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New Yamaha R1 In The Works

There’s growing speculation that Yamaha maybe on the brink of announcing a new revised R1 sport bike after the company filed for four new trademark registrations in the U.S. and Europe earlier this year.

Essentially there are four names that have been picked by Yamaha, as there are different models for the U.S. and other markets. However, it seems probable that the Japanese manufacturer is looking at doing something big in the liter segment after registering the R1S and R1M names in January here with the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office and the YZF-RIS and YZF-R1M names in Europe.

Of course there are no technical details or launch dates for any of these models. However, this pair of new names could mean that the R1S might become a sportier version of the company’s existing flagship, the R1, perhaps with different electronics and suspension over the existing model.


This would then mean the R1M maybe a more track-focused bike with a set-up derived from Yamaha’s MotoGP bikes. Honda did exactly this not so long ago with the introduction of its CBR1000RR SP that comes with up-rated suspension and brakes, but at an additional price, and is designed more for track use in mind.

All of this is just wild speculation on our part and instead of two revised Yamaha R1 models, Yamaha might well be looking at launching a whole new series of R1’s altogether, which would be even more exciting. We’ll keep an eye on this to see how this develops.

  • Aaron

    Would be cool to see a R1N to compete with the CB1000RR…..but what could the M be?

    • Justin McClintock

      I believe they (and myself) are assuming that M is in reference to Yamaha’s MotoGP bikes, the M1, and would therefore be the track focused machine.

      Me? I wanna see a 1000cc(ish) triple from them.

      • Bruce Steever

        Not going to happen, at least not soon. No racing connection, and Yamaha still needs to connect those dots with new product in the R-series.

        • Justin McClintock

          Yeah, but that’s exactly what I was hoping they were going to do!

  • Bluesceyes

    They then need to follow-up and put the crossplane mill in a new FZ1 for sport-touring and an R1 based naked like BMW and Aprilia offer. Not that watered-down CB1000R. The Japanese have yet to figure out how to do a proper sport naked.

    • Heath Collins


      • Bruce Steever

        Still down-market in terms of suspension and power. Good bike though…

        • Heath Collins

          I’ll concede the suspension, but mine has gobs of torque down low… down-on-power power is a phrase I’ll never used to describe it. Maybe at 80+ speeds, yes, but around town it feels like a beast.

        • Bluesceyes

          I’ll also agree that it is a good bike but the European nakeds are far closer to their sport bike brethren than the z1000 is to a Zx-10r.

          • Heath Collins

            If the Z1000 was anything like the ZX10R I wouldn’t have bought it. I wanted a torquey streetbike, not a screaming racebike.

            • DammFactsBlessedOpinions

              A quick Google search indicates that the ZX-10R makes both more torque and more HP than the Z1000 across the powerband, and weighs less as well.

              • Heath Collins

                My calibrated butt-dyno says otherwise ;)

    • DammFactsBlessedOpinions

      Yeah, maybe they should call you and ask what is a “proper” sportbike, naked or whatever and run all their future attempts past you before bringing them to market. Or else they could just put a flat bar on top of the triple-clamp, remove the side-fairings, shorten the final gearing and call it a sport-tourer in the VFR800 vein.

      • Bluesceyes

        Nothing that I stated was out in left field. Japanese makers and European nakeds are two different design philosophies. Also if someone were to spend at least five minutes on the FZ1 forums there is quite a market for a cross-plane version. I really like what Yamaha is doing with the FZ9. It is different and unique offerings like that are what set the different brands apart.

  • MichaelEhrgott

    I’ve always wanted a R1. Its currently not practical for me and doesn’t fit my riding style but I’ve always wanted one. It just oozes sexy and everybody I know who has one loves it. My old R6 was way too cramped for me and the R1 felt perfect whenever I sat on one. In the red/white 50th anniversary scheme please.

  • gleite311

    Hopefully they’ll trim some of the fat, as the current machine is the heaviest of the literbikes (last I checked). I miss the days when the 600 and 1000cc machines were on a 2-3 year development cycle.

  • Clint Keener

    All of the Japanese literbikes are so fat! I would have expected some of that motogp technology to trickle down by now.

  • Guy

    I’m predicting the R1S is a current-gen R1 sold as a new budget litrebike and the R1M is going to be the redesigned model or up-specced in a few ways.

  • Kamil Usoof

    the R1S will be like the R6S(more street focused version of R1) + we would get a new R1 :)

  • Truthbot

    Typo in the first sentence.