News: Massimo Tamburini Passes Away at 70

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Massimo Tamburini

Massimo Tamburini, one of motorcycling’s most important and significant designers in recent years, sadly passed away at the weekend after succumbing to cancer that he was diagnosed with at the end of last year.

Tamburini, aged 70, died in his home country of Italy, in Milan, on Sunday. Tamburini will though be remembered as one of the leading motorcycle chassis and stylists of his generation. His work was extensive and included the iconic Ducati 916 and the MV Agusta F4.


Tamburini’s design career stretched back to 1971 when he created a revised MV Agusta 750 Sport, using a frame he designed and built himself. Later and together with partners Morri and Bianchi he founded Bimota motorcycles. After a short time at Bimota he moved to the Cagiva Group, which at the time had MV Agusta in its portfolio and was responsible for the F4 750 and later at Ducati where he designed and styled the striking 916. His more recent work included MV Agusta’s F3 675 and the F4 Brutale.

Tamburini was well known worldwide for his opinions and thoughts on motorcycle styling and the future of design and was regarded as having a significant influence on modern motorcycles. His work was celebrated at New York’s Guggenheim Museum’s ‘The Art of the Motorcycle’ exhibition, which featured both an Agusta F4 and a Ducati 916 on display. The exhibition toured the U.S. from 1998 drawing record numbers of visitors and was heralded as a groundbreaking cultural event. Our sincere condolences to Tamburini’s family and friends.

  • Ross Logan

    Please, when writing an obit, do not misspell the persons name in the headline. The man deserves proof-reading

    • Jason Channell

      Mister “Massimo Tambruini” also penned a “Ducati 918″ as well.

      • NOCHnoch

        The 918 was a Ducati 916 with forward controls, apehangers, and tons of chrome. It was custom-made for Tim Watson in 1997 and came with a matching leather vest and half-helmet.

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    Grammar and spelling has never been a strong suit on this website. LOL!

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    Hey Tim, stick to cruisers. You’re clearly pretty worthless when it comes to writing about anything fast.

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      Pretty harsh and as you can see above not my fault. Thanks for being so swift to judge.

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        Hey everybody, this is a motorcycle page, no need to get all bent outta shape. But Tim, as one profession to another, when your name is at the top of the page the buck stops with you.

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    Hello RA readers. This was not a mistake made by Tim, this was a mistake made by the RA staff who assembled the piece. Thank you for brining it to our attention and we apologize for the mistake.

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      Again, another editing mistake … LOL!

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        Fixed, thank you!

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    When i reposted a sportrider magazine obit onto my facebook i checked the spelling of his name twice, and thats for a facebook post…

  • Justin McClintock

    Grammar and spelling aside, the motorcycle world lost a great man. He will definitely be missed, but hopefully his influence will be with us much longer.