Top ATV Fails: Loading And Unloading

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Top ATV Fails: Loading and Unloading

Sometimes, ok most of the time, we aren’t looking to find fail compilations but when they land in our lap it’s very hard not to share them.

This lovely round up, brought to you by the wonderful folks at Video Tails, is a great way to start your week with a laugh. It consists of brilliant individuals looking for various alternative ways to load and unload an ATV. A few you want to rally behind but most you anticipate the inevitable. Enjoy and please, be safe.

ATV Fails

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  • Jason

    Has Ride Apart really fallen this low? Has nothing happened in the world of motorcycles that you are reduced to showing YouTube clips?

    • OldCheeseonDryToast

      To be fair, this *is* RideApart…someone will complain about every article they post…that’s the raison d’etre of the site…

  • Dan

    FYI: Romano Fenati won the moto3 race this weekend with a stunning (and controversial) last-corner pass in which he collided with BOTH Alex Marquez and then-leader Jack Miller. You know, just in case you’re looking for interesting motorcycle-related things to write about today that don’t involve people falling off of pickup trucks.

    • Darrick Anderson

      thanks for being a total douche and ruining the race for me…

      • Dan

        Presumably you’re joking. The race was yesterday and you’re reading a motorcycle blog.

        • Fava d’Aronne

          It always makes me laugh when people (legitimately) don’t want to know the result of a certain event (sport related or the finale of Lost…), but then they go check out news sources where those events should be discussed at length…and accuse people who discuss the results. The mind works in very unusual ways….

          Another possible article for Rideapart: the scandal, here in the US, that if you want to watch Motogp and Moto2 and 3, you need to pay for TWO tv sport packages…I registered for Fox sport 1 to make sure to watch moto gp and moto 2 and 3…and now I found out that if I want to watch moto 2 and 3, I need a different, additional subscription for Fox sport 2…which is only going to broadcast the moto 2 and 3 races tonight.

          And then one wonders why people hate cable companies…

          • Darrick Anderson

            I was looking at an innocent dodgy story about dumb ATVs, I wasn’t expecting the Moto3 race result posted in the comments.

            • Fava d’Aronne

              Fair enough.

            • zedro

              Wow, the margins for being a TOTAL DOUCHE seem to be very slim (indeed).

          • Dan

            Thanks. Don’t you just watch it on I think the annual subscription price is pretty reasonable and the coverage + video quality is good. Same goes for the SBK package. Haven’t tried to blow the video up to television-size though – I tend to watch on a laptop or at work.

            • Darrick Anderson

              Julian Ryder doesn’t announce on there. It’s really my only reason for watching. His insight into the the riders, the circuit, and teams can’t really be matched. When it was Toby Moody and Julian it was the perfect storm on Eurosport2. The US schlubs just can’t get their head around announcing road racing. I’ve decided I’ll just refrain from reading anything on rideapart just to be safe. I’m not really down with the endless best of the worst You Tube jerk about, anyway.

          • OldCheeseonDryToast

            “the scandal, here in the US, that if you want to watch Motogp and Moto2 and 3, you need to pay for TWO tv sport packages..”

            Or you could just use Google, and watch all 3 for free. Live. Get the full BT show.

        • Darrick Anderson

          They aren’t a race site, and I wasn’t joking. I watch the UK feed and don’t usually get it until late at night.

      • Clint Keener

        I learned long ago you can’t go anywhere on the internet the day after a race and expect not to see spoilers. I was expecting to see spoilers last night.

        Puma posts spoilers about F1 victories the MORNING of a race on Facebook.

      • OldCheeseonDryToast

        dude you are an a-hole of the 1st order…King of the Inner Ring

  • redblur360

    … this is getting ridiculous. The quality of this site has turned into the equivalence of “Ow My Balls”. Who’s letting the summer intern write articles while everyone is on vacation?

  • Rob M

    So I guess Rideapart is just reposting things they find on Reddit these days.

  • William Connor

    Sometimes things are just poster for the sheer entertainment value. How can you not watch this and just laugh a little? Maybe it’s not top shelf journalism, or even low grade schtick, but it is entertaining. I wouldn’t want it to be every article but hey, a little gratuitous mishap at someone else’s expense, what’s not to like?

  • 200 Fathoms


  • Mbust

    After Wes left, it was lots of Drive Apart irrelevant stuff. Now this. It makes me wish Drive Apart content were back. Ride Apart is really going downhill. Too bad. At least Heather, Tim Watson and a few others are still around, but at this pace, not even their best work will save the site.