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Aether Union Garage Escape The City NYC

It’s time East Coast friends and readers. The Aether & Union Garage Urban Escape is back and ready to leave the crazy streets of New York City to the more tranquil surroundings of New York State.

We’ve teamed up again with Aether Apparel to give away a pair of tickets for this year’s NY event. So if you’re located in, around, near or are willing to get your hind-side out to the meeting point by 7:00 AM then be sure to enter. Remember you’ll have to find you’re own way to the starting point.

If you can’t, won’t or aren’t able to make the event don’t worry. We have special giveaway lined up for you following the event on May 3rd.

Aether Apparel Union Garage Escape The City NYC

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Official Event Info:

Join Aether Apparel and Union Garage on Saturday May 3rd for a full day of motorcycle riding as we escape the city and head for the hills.

Following a successful event in Los Angeles last year, this east coast edition will begin with a scenic morning ride out of the city en route to a secret training location near the excellent roads around Harriman State Park.

The afternoon will kick off with an on-site catered lunch followed by professional skills training from the MSF-certified staff of Trama’s Motorcycle School. Riders will have a chance hone their technique on a custom cone course, get valuable feedback from coaches and end the day with a special skills challenge and a chance to score free gear and other prizes.


7:00 AM – Optional pre-event meet up at Union Garage.
8:00 AM – Event start. Breakfast at AETHERnyc on Crosby Street in SoHo. Riders will receive GPS tracks & turn sheets for the route, including the location of the secret training grounds.
8:30 AM – Riders begin to depart in waves. The route will send riders up the FDR, across the GW Bridge and up the Palisades Parkway towards Bear Mountain. Ride time is approximately 2.5 hours.
12:00 PM – Riders arrive at secret training location. Lunch is served.
1:00 PM – Riders will receive technical training and riding tips from motorcycle safety instructor Eric Trama and his team, and put their skills to the test on our obstacles course.
4:30 PM – Awards announced and distributed. Special gift give away.

Saturday, May 3rd 2014 // Rain Date: Sunday May 4th


13 Crosby Street
New York, NY 10013

*Limited spots available so be sure to grab your tickets at Aether Apparel if you’re impatient or have a streak of bad luck with contests.

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  • William Connor

    Cool. Something on the East Coast.

  • Mark Vizcarra

    Yeay hipster party

    • Reid

      lol just what I was thinking. As soon as I saw the photo of the bike in the clothing store I knew what this was about.

    • Mr. White

      Yeah boo, a positive bike event that can bring riders together. We wouldn’t want any of that now, would you? Sorry, but the idea of riding an obstacle course with a team of instructors looking on with hints and tips sounds way too appealing.

    • Union Garage NYC

      While not arguing with the fact that is one of the
      best things to happen to the motorcycle interweb in a long time, the
      term “hipster” is being bandied about way too liberally here. Hipster haters – save your breath. These are not the droids you’re looking for.

      Most of the
      50ish riders already signed up so far we know by name as customers and a lot of
      em don’t fit anything near any even misconceived definition of hipster.
      And even those that do – they signed up for a 200-mile day starting at
      8AM, riding some great roads and running through a skills training
      bootcamp in the afternoon. If that’s hipsterism then sign us up for an extra dose of irony, tight jeans and bespoke haircuts.

      And there are going to be some sweet bikes in
      attendance. And as any NYC-area rider knows there’s nothing better after a long, terrible winter than getting out and stretching the legs on a big ride. Should be a hoot. Anyone in the area should consider coming. We’re going to
      work in a meetup on the Palisades Pkwy for anyone who can’t/rightly
      doesn’t want to come all the way into the city for the official start.

      • John P. Muller

        If you can work out a meetup north of the city, that would get my vote.

      • dinoSnake

        OK. But Harriman State Park is, well, just a wimp’s ride from NYC – you can get there, and back, with enough time to still grab a lunch down in Chinatown, especially since you are going through NJ.

        Bah! City riders ;-)

  • Lee Mychajluk

    Sounds like a great day, but I have a wedding to attend. By the way, looking at the route info, has anyone seen all the stories on the news recently about the moonscape that is the NJ stretch of the Palisades Parkway?

  • Union Garage NYC

    Lee – Moonscape? Compared to NYC after this winter the Palisades is like a freshly paved racetrack. Anyone afraid of potholes shouldn’t own a motorcycle on the East Coast. And some of the roads in Harriman State Park were just repaved last season. Since they’re closed all winter they haven’t been raped by snowplows like everywhere else.

    We’re going to hit some of the best of them on this ride. The pictures posted for this event are from the LA edition last year. Ours will break out of warehouses and involve more nice roads and riding. The skills portion of the day will be in a (yes, recently repaved) waterfront parking lot. We’re setting up a few different training modules riders and work through on their own bikes. Then a TBD obstacle course. Way fewer ADV bikes (~10% so far) for the NYC event, so we’ll build the skills challenge/obstacle course less for 1200GS’s and more for street bikes. Got everything from 70′s Tonti frame Guzzis to Airheads, Thruxton/Bonnies/Scramblers and plenty of Ducs. Should be good times for anyone who wants to make it out. We’re going to feed everyone pretty well too :)

    • Hipster Bike Videos

      We have no problem with Union Garage NYC, I like the jacket they made with Vanson, looks great. Just wish it came in a heavier material. Anyway they don’t make any annoying videos or claim to be bike builders, they sell real gear (Rev’it) so ok in my book.

  • Justin McClintock

    Now plan one in Atlanta!

  • William Connor

    Here’s hoping! I am so close to this it would be just a short ride!