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Forks The Book

Once in a while, something comes across our desks that’s too cool not to share, and while this isn’t the latest piece of kit or a new bike, it’s still worth a read. In this case, it’s a book, specifically Allan Karl’s kickstarter funded bundle of coffeetable-tastic adventure-travel-porn, and it’s called Forks.

Around the world on a 650 Dakar

We got the book in the mail from Allan. It’s imposing, several inches thick and a nice size for reading on your lap while sitting on the couch. As soon as I flipped the book open, I was taken by the photography. Every page is rimmed with Allan’s photos from his trip, and the quality of the pictures is top notch.

Each section starts with a country and some text about riding there, and then there are recipes from each country and great photos of the food as well.

It struck me that Allan’s experience of the trip was equally about the culture of the places he visited as it was about the riding.


Allan’s story started in Southern California, where after a divorce and the sale of his business, he set off on a BMW 650 Dakar which features prominently in the book’s pictures. The book also came with a set of postcards of images from the book. Allan’s favorite, and ours, is a shot of half a dozen llamas being hauled on the roof rack of a Toyota station wagon.

The shot reminded me of one of the reasons I love riding; the adventure of pointing your front wheel down a road you’ve never ridden before, seeing where you end up, and enjoying the sights and scenes along the way. For me the adventure has always been a multi-week overland expedition – South America features prominently in the dream – on a big 1200 GS loaded down with metal gear boxes on either side of the tail. In fact, that’s pretty close to the setup Allan used for his trip.


Check out Allan’s website for more info.


  • William Connor

    Darnit. Wish this had gone a little further into it. You had me hooked and I was ready to keep reading.

  • Faysal Itani

    This guy is my new hero

    • V Twin

      I’m going to make myself unpopular now:
      Why dont you leave the book ‘unopened’ on the coffee table, and go do your own ‘adventure’?
      Having (indipendantly) travelled most of the world, India, Nepal, Africa, SE Asia, USA, Europe… on various machines, some being as old as myself.
      I find myself amused at seeing celebrities being made of these guys.
      Travelling thousands of miles through new worlds is a very uplifting and spiritual experience for some, it can becomes an infinate journey throughout the rest of your life.
      This book is not, and will not, be ‘your journey’. So, get off your couches and start to live.

      Respect to the author

      Ride Safe!

      • V Twin

        Ooops ‘infinite’

        • Faysal Itani

          I would, but I’m neither divorced nor unemployed. One day though…

      • Jason

        Why not just get off the couch and go have an adventure? Most people have families and therefore the responsibility to care for those families. That doesn’t mean that they don’t want to read about someones else’s adventure.

      • allankarl

        You don’t need to travel the world to have the experience I had; you just need to ride. And if you read the book and get to the ending chapter you’ll read and see how that truly comes together. Yes, ride. But enjoy the journey and lessons others, me and many others, have shared through hard work, commitment and great moto-journalism, photography and more! Pick up a book and pack up a bike. :)

  • Ernie Davila

    Another good read: 8 around the americas on a motorcycle

  • IED

    I love this book. I received it a few weeks ago. Its covers the journey, the cultures, the cuisine and all in a very high quality package. I thoroughly recommend it.

  • allankarl

    Thanks for the nice words, guys! And thanks for sharing the link to the interview your girlfriend did on Metzeler Ride Experience. Good info there! This trip and this book have been projects of passion and hard work, but I’m humbled by the attention it’s getting and the kind words of praise from all of you! :)

  • Nemosufu Namecheck

    That bike setup is awesome. I miss my Sertao. Can you/do you detail your kit in the book? Awesome work Allan – congrats!

    • allankarl

      Hey, I do describe in detail my kit in the book, as well as my packing list and the number of spares/parts used during the journey! Enjoy it!

  • Squabbles

    This is pretty amazing since I’ve been following another guy on youtube that has had nothing but problems with his Sertao. Blowing oil everywhere and even rusted cams on a bike not even a year old, if I recall the dealer has had it like three months off and on.

  • atomicalex

    Well, now we know for sure Wes isn’t here any more. Nice Dak, Allan!

    • allankarl

      Thanks Atomcalex! Bike is running strong and no issues! Ready for Iran and Pakistan next! :)