Bike Of The Week: JVB Moto Ducati 750 Sport

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Bike of the Week JVB Moto Ducati 750 Sport

Somethings cry out to be held, like kittens. And sometimes, a bike build cries out to be ridden. The types of machines that are not complete until interfaced with their human commander.

Got a bike like this, or is yours just to look at? This week on RideApart Bike of the Week we present an ongoing undertaking undertook by a taker going to work, Jens at JvB-moto.

Bike of the Week JVB Moto Ducati 750 Sport

Based on a 1988 Ducati 750 Sport, with a goal “to build a usable, really fast, unrestored everyday machine”. While not a legendary platform, the Ducati Sport was known to easily lean down to your knee and then stand you up to just shy of 130mph. Built for a purpose and rumbling on a budget, Jens assembled a two cylinder torrent of torque for the streets of Cologne, Germany.

Bike of the Week JVB Moto Ducati 750 SportThe albino trellis frame is basically a 750 Fl Replica with a modified front section and Jens modified it further and edged the fuel tank forward on it by 20mm. Lowered foot rests and high clip-ons coupled with the custom JvB tail unit make piloting all the more gratifying. Lighting the way is an original JvB headlamp nested with a single gauge.

Bike of the Week JVB Moto Ducati 750 SportNudging the dial to 155 kg, with 16 inch Avon radials, wrapping stock six spokes, giving grip it’s going to be an interesting commute. With the cannibalized Termi 2-into-1 exhaust from a Monster 1100 announces my arrival, I am picturing myself hugging teal tank, barreling through a tunnel, accompanied only by the echoing roar of an Italian, 90 degree twin. In this paired down trim, equipped with Mikuni flat side racing carbs and K&Ns the ride only becomes more boisterous to consider.

Bike of the Week JVB Moto Ducati 750 Sport

Jens built the bike for his own daily ride to JvB and while not fussy it has all the necessary bits to put a smile across one’s face. The paint was inspired by Magnus Walker Porsche 911s and casts a cool hue to the “illegal street racing”- style.  Wouldn’t you get your hands dirty on this venerable 750?

80s era absorbers gave way to a SuperSport Showa and booted Marzocchis up front. The low slung gunslinger oil cooler and one off fender add to the superintendent stance. Ducatis typically were stocked with exceptional stoppers and they proved more than adequate to stop this svelte beast.

When look gives way to feel one doesn’t see it when one is on it but one certainly feels it. Just like that smile on one’s own face, or that feeling one gets when one gets that feeling, I would say this seven fifty feels just right. See some bikes just like it, and many more not like it at all, at the Check out Jens on


  • Paolo

    This build just oozes coolness!

  • Michael Howard

    “And sometimes, a bike build cries out to be ridden.” SOMETIMES? A bike that doesn’t cry out to be ridden is not a bike – it’s a dust-collector. ;)

  • Send Margaritas

    I like it, but it screams ‘paint the tank and frame’.

    • eddi

      Gotta disagree. That white frame shows off the bike’s shape perfectly. The simple job on the tank is easy on the eyes.

    • Ernie Davila

      I’m not crazy about the frame, but I do like the tank…

    • the antagonist

      I couldn’t disagree more. The white frame absolutely makes that bike. And it harkens back to the coveted white framed Super Sports of the early 90′s. Furthermore, the simple, appropriately retro but subdued paint scheme of is very classy, IMO.

      • Send Margaritas

        To each his own, and beauty is in the eye of the beholder.I’m no fan of the white frame. The tank’s aqua, orange, black and white either.I could see both painted flat black, gloss black, or candy-apple red…but that is just my personal taste.I’d certainly remove the sticker on the swing-arm too.

        • MarktheV

          That piston-thing attached to the fork and frame is a steering damper. Most more modern versions have them close to the headstock/upper clamps.
          Battery is either tucked up under the tail piece or could be in the slick box below the tank/in front of the carbs with the JvB decal.
          Really sweet bike. Also dig the colors- would be nice to see a white or green pin line on the tail unit to match the tank-but it’s awesome as is!

  • appliance5000

    very nice

  • Josch Schlegel

    when I was in cologne lately I randomly saw this bike and had to break hard to take some photos… I‘m a big fan of JvB‘s philosophy for several years now – for me, it’s the essence of it all. didn’t know that this is Jens‘ personal ride. cool. picture-link: