British Customs Iron Moto Challenge

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British Customs Iron Moto Challenge

The hip cats from Motoblot are throwing back to the speedshops of yore, where the only thing that mattered was going fast, with the British Customs Iron Moto Challenge taking place live during the 2014 Motoblot Show on June 13th – 15th.

Four dealers will choose a Triumph motorcycle and a British Customs Package and attempt to build the coolest custom they can dream up.

The winner will be chosen by online votes, a live audience and a panel of professional builders that include Julian Heppekausen of Deus Ex Machina, Brian Klock of Klockwerks, Kevin Dunworth of Loaded Gun Customs and Christy Lee of All Girls Garage.

The builders aren’t the only ones with a chance to win. Everyone that registers to vote will be entered to win a prize package valued at over $4,500!

Register to vote and enter to win here:

  • mike

    This bike is just another failed attempt at a street tracker

    • awwshucks

      What’s so failed about it? It looks beautiful and reasonably functional to me.

      • mike

        1. The seat and rear fender combo are wrong, it should have a one piece fiberglass deal
        2.The tank is wrong, It to big and the wrong shape
        3.There should be no airbox and it should have K&N air filters on it
        4. The pipes appear to be high pipes like an XR750 which are wrong, It should have T.T. pipes on it
        5.The number plate has to go it does not look right on the street
        This Bike is a flat black stock Bonneville with 19 inch wheels at best

        • Gerection Gerection

          LOL, sounds like a lot of opinions rather than facts…. This is wrong, that is wrong….
          And you know what they say about opinions and @ssholes…

  • D R

    If so many elements ofthis bike are ‘wrong’ for a street tracker, then maybe it wasn’t intended to be one. I think it looks more like an old sixties desert sled.