Thanks Craigslist: Rare JDM 1994 Honda NSR250R



Thanks Craigslist: 1994 Honda NSR250R

If you grew up watching Moto GP in the ‘90s and dreamed of racing alongside Max Biaggi or Loris Capirossi, then you’ll definitely want to check out this JDM spec 1994 Honda NSR250R Repsol Replica.

1994 was the first year that Honda introduced the card ignition system, and this one comes with a standard card key and a racing card key that features aggressive ignition mapping. JDM (Japan Domestic Market) fans will feel extra cool seeing their speed displayed in kilometers per hour.

This well-maintained 250R has plenty of upgrades and even comes with a few spare parts. It’s currently located in Los Angeles (Eagle Rock), California with an asking price of $9,500

Original listing:

1994 Honda NSR250R 1994 Honda NSR250R 1994 Honda NSR250R 1994 Honda NSR250R

  • Jesse

    Oh hellllls yes.

  • Nolan Zandi

    New bike reviews next week! Being ridden as we speak

  • Nolan Zandi

    New bike reviews next week! Being ridden as we speak

  • Kevin Broce

    I’m 99% sure I’ve seen this bike in the flesh and that I bought my first bike off this guys roommate. I definitely didn’t know what I was looking at the time…

  • FastPatrick

    Would prefer the original biposto rear section to the bulbous one here.

    Otherwise, this is the definition of forbidden fruit. Kinda pricey but my God that thing is all kinds of want.

  • Theodore P Smart

    I had a ’89 NSR125F a while back. A taxi killed it running a red light. Long live the smoke.

  • hunkyleepickle

    gorgeous. Also, why don’t more bikes have single sided swing arms these days. Its such an attractive feature imo, and after so many years of it existing, i can’t imagine the extra cost can be that prohibitive. And it doesn’t count of you have one and then cover it up with a big goofy exhaust can….yes i’m talking to you Honda.

    • M4desmo

      Inefficient, heavy, more complicated (yes: more), more flex, more design constraints. But a high percentage of posers usually insist on them, I think the United Poser Council is also trying to make chrome mandatory on all sss equipped bikes.

      • Davidabl2

        I am absolutely sure that the UPC knows that carbon fiber is “chrome for sports bikes” for parts that can’t be anodized.

        • crankaholic

          What..? There are parts on a sports bike that can’t be anodized?

          • Davidabl2

            I’ve never seen anodized rotors, or seats,,or any anodized rubber parts. including tires :-)

  • MichaelEhrgott

    FAP FAP FAP Best Repsol scheme. Im way too tall for it and way too broke.

    • E Brown

      So you’re too tall and your wallet’s too short? :)

  • Jack Meoph

    I had an opportunity to buy a 400, much like this, many moons ago, but the bike just would not fit! If it does not fit, you must resist.

  • Kevin Daly

    I’ve owned 3 NSR’s in my riding lifetime. A 1992 R model (got stolen), a 1989 R model (got T-boned) and a 91/92 Frakenbike that I put together from several NSR spares I had and brought into the U.S. after my tour of duty in Japan. I sold the latter after 5 dependable years of hard service. I miss them all………