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2014 Fieldsheer Catalog

One of the top motorcycle apparel company’s in the U.S., Fieldsheer, has just announced its 2014 range of motorcycle gear that promises better protection, sizing and style and the adoption of a completely new, high tech lining material with improved weather protection and rider comfort

At a launch event held this week in Los Angeles for the motorcycle media, RideApart was given the run down of the Milwaukee’s company’s 2014 motorcycle gear collection and shown its new Nanomax material designed for garment linings that has been developed and manufactured entirely in house.

Fieldsheer says that its newly patented Nanomax exceeds U.S. military extended cold weather clothing specification and is the first advanced nano-porous membrane to be used in motorcycle gear. What that basically means is that the pore size in the lining material is as small as 0.03 microns making it both highly water resistant and breathable. Nanomax is, according to Fieldsheer, water repellant, quick drying, flexible and light with a multi-layer structure and will retain warmth even in wet conditions.

Joe Parr, VP Global Sales for Fieldsheer, said: “ We are very excited about this new product, as not only is it something Fieldsheer has designed and developed, but we also think it is significantly better than anything our competition is currently offering.

“Nanomax has very high hydrostatic resistance (water-proof), high moisture vapor permeability, excellent air permeability and is flame resistant. The membrane can breathe at any temperature and humidity which gives better comfort to the wearer.”

“It also has good mechanical strength, making it abrasion resistant, and has high contamination resistance to oils, sweat and detergents. It can also withstand repeated washings and use as Nanomax will withhold a high level of hydrostatic pressure.”

The first questions are going to be is this any good and what are the benefits and does this new material really make any difference? Well we can’t tell you that yet as we didn’t get to test any of the 2014 Fieldsheer range we were shown, as this was just the introduction launch. But we plan to get our hands on several items in the very near future.

Until then you can take a look at the 2014 Fieldsheer Collection, which includes some well thought out designs with the company saying it has listened to its customers and is now offering a more comprehensive size range with S to 4XL for me and XS to Plus XL for women.

It has also adopted CE-approved Stage One removable armor in the shoulders, elbows and back for all of its 2014 jackets and a greater choice in colors.

Fieldsheer AdventureTour Blue

First off and priced at $439.99 is the Adventure Tour Jacket for both men and women. Available in four colors (the Royal Blue/Silver combination was particularly eye-catching), it has a 500-denier Maxtena-Pro outer shell, removable CE armor and SP Memory Foam in all of the impact areas. There’s a Nanomax liner and four-step adjustable sleeves to allow the wearer to choose the optimum fit and reflective Phoslite in the front and back panels for high visibility. There’s also a ton of storage on this jacket with front pockets, two chest pockets, a zippered map pocket and two inner pockets.

The Adventure Tour pants (available in black/silver, silver/royal blue and black/black) cost $329.99 and have an abrasion resistant 500-denier Maxtena-Pro shell with a 1680 denier ballistic in the seat. The Nanomax liner in the pants, like the jacket is removable, has CE knee armor, SP Memory Foam at the hips and upper thigh and heat resistant material in the inner thigh. Fieldsheer has also included a full-length leg zipper with Velcro for a tight fit.

Fieldsheer Sugo Silver

Also new for this year is the Sugo Jacket ($332.99) that has all of the technology and safety features of the Adventure Tour range but includes Carboflex panels in the back and shoulders for better wearer flexibility and reflective Phoslite piping for better nighttime visibility. Two colors only for this range black/silver and black.

Fieldsheer Shadow and HighTemp
Fieldsheer Shadow and HighTemp

For a few bucks less at $329.99 is the Shadow Jacket. It has the same safety features and material technology but slightly different style with the choice of four colors (black/high-viz, royal blue/silver, black and gun metal/silver) and a lot of pocket space.

For the rider that wants a more discrete look there is the new Supersport Jacket ($299.99) available only in black but with Phoslite reflective piping for nighttime visibility, Nanomax lining and a Maxtena-Pro outer shell with 1680 denier ballistic at the shoulders and elbows.

For 2014, Fieldsheer has developed a fairly comprehensive mesh jacket for warm weather riding for both men and women ($299.99). It uses Polytitanium mesh with 500-denier Maxtena-Pro in the high impact areas. Called the High Temp Mesh Jacket it too has CE stage one removable armor in the shoulders, elbows and back, is waterproof and has the new Nanomax material liner and Rainguard barrier technology, so is both waterproof and breathable.

Complementing the mesh jack are High Temp Mesh pants ($279.99) available in black or silver in both men and women’s sizes and comes with all of the safety and technology features that Fieldsheer has introduced for 2014.

Fieldsheer Lena3 Womens White

Fieldsheer was keen to point out at this introduction that it has spent a lot of time working on correct sizes for its apparel for both men and women to make sure there is a good, comfortable fit. It has also gone one step further and developed a jacket specifically women riders called the Lena 3.0. Priced at $259.99, the Lena Jacket say Fieldsheer was designed by a woman for women riders. It carries all of the 2014 Fieldsheer safety and technology features and is available in white/black, silver/black, royal blue/black and black.

Fieldsheer Gloves

As a further extension to its 2014 Collection, Fieldsheer is also has a range of six different gloves that al feature a ‘mobile touch’ feature that allows the wearer to use a touch screen. Available in six distinct styles, in either goatskin leather and man-made materials with cowhide trim, prices start from $40.99 for the Sugo Glove and rise to $131.99 for the Legend series.

We’ve been big fans of Fieldsheer gear for some time not only for the quality it offers but also for the continual innovations it seeks to introduce each year. It’s an American company designing its own gear with its own patented technology here in the U.S. with some well though out design and styles for its 2014 line-up.

Its new 2014 collection shows that it has listened to its customer base and has developed the new line accordingly. Is it any good though? The proof will come when we get to live with some of this gear on an everyday basis in the next few weeks. We’ll keep you posted on what we discover.

In the meantime for more information about the 2014 Fieldsheer Collection go to its website at:

  • William Connor

    Nice looking gear. The gloves have some nice features. Nanomax sounds very intriguing. Too bad it isn’t strong enough for the outer shell that would make the exterior waterproof as well as the liner.

  • Geist

    Hyperlink does not work.

  • Branden Abraham

    I can personally attest to the quality of their jackets. Went down in Dec. courtesy of a BMW (they make some sturdy quarter panels, those Germans) and the elbow/shoulder armor saved me from even a bruise. If I had sprung for the boots I might have been spared 3 months of crutches.

  • Mark D

    Somewhere, Wes is rolling over in his…sleeping bag? Designer skinny jeans? Something. Anyways, repurposed press releases of anonymous gear is hardly interesting or inspiring reading. I can get this from Revzilla; the old RideApart was about riding and being inspired, as well as purposely not writing this kind of dreck.

    • William Connor

      This is a precursor article, Look at the end of it talking about more to come. They will be testing the gear out. “The proof will come when we get to live with some of this gear on an everyday basis in the next few weeks. We’ll keep you posted on what we discover.”

      • Davidabl2

        “The proof will come when we get to live with some of this gear on an everyday basis.”
        in that case i wish they’d just waited until they’d done so. As HFL would have done in the day :-(

        • William Connor

          I guess knowing what’s coming doesn’t bother me. I like the idea of looking forward to something.

          • Davidabl2

            It’s a signal-to-noise question than anything else..there’s any number of other things I’d like to hear about than the latest riding gear
            from a company that hasn’t particularly been on my radar..before HFL has the experience with it to convince me that it’s very good. Or the”best”

  • fletchty

    good job guys. rrrrreal good job. [/sarcasm]

  • Fava d’Aronne

    That white female jacket is the ugliest shape and color ever seen. I doubt that any woman who is not super skinny will want to have padded jacket in that material. But hey, what do I know.

    • Jason

      What padding are you referring to?

      • Fava d’Aronne

        protections on the back, elbows and shoulders. With a jacket that shape and that color, the effect Michelin man is guaranteed unless you are extremely skinny.

        • Jason

          Armor goes with the territory. Motorcycle jackets aren’t much good without it.

          I personally like light colored gear. Living in the South the last thing I need is a dark colored jacket to make me even hotter in the sun.

          • Fava d’Aronne

            I know that armour goes with it…and I love jackets with armour. But THAT jacket looks hideous. at least in photo. Just my opinion.

            • Jason

              I guess we just have different taste in jackets. I think the women’s jacket looks better than any of the men’s and like the simple color scheme.

              • Dennis Hightower


  • Dennis Hightower

    Good for them for experimenting with new materials. My first thought tho’ is that design wise, it’s just more of the same. They (and most other bike apparel companies) continue to further the same old design aesthetic that we see on the Fieldsheer guys jackets above. WHY? If this is the result of focus groups, then ah’ll shut mah mouth… but moto types shouldn’t have to have that be the dominant design choice.

  • Glen

    Does anybody know if they sell these in Asia?