International Female Ride Day May 3, 2014

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International Female Ride Day

The ratio of male to female riders is going to change dramatically tomorrow. Saturday, May 3rd, is the Eighth Annual International Female Ride Day.

The only FIM-sanctioned, world-wide, synchronized group ride known to the industry, International Female Ride Day (IFRD) was initiated in 2007 by founder Vicki Gray, as a way to simply draw attention to just how many women, all over the world, ride motorcycles.

That’s it. No other cause, no fund-raising, absolutely no revenue generated whatsoever. Yet this annual event has gone viral, spreading to such unlikely locales as the Yukon Territories, Moscow, Tel Aviv, and Bogota. In fact, thanks to the connectivity of social media, women from every continent on the globe have shared their enthusiasm for riding motorcycles.

“It’s inspiring”, says Gray, herself a ride and race instructor for almost thirty years, former European Supersport 600 racer, and current vintage bike racer. “When I was racing in Europe, I realized there was a distinct lack of information available to women in the sport, so I started a non-profit organization called Race Girl Motorsports”, (not to be confused with the branded shirts and accessories seen at NASCAR events), “as a way to bridge that gap”. Later, upon moving to Toronto, Canada, Gray founded, expanding it’s coverage to provide information to a broader readership with diverse motorcycling interests.

Traditionally a Friday event, this year’s ride has moved to Saturday to accommodate the needs of busy women with multiple and varied responsibilities inside and outside the home. So get out your cameras, flip on those helmet cams…tomorrow, moms, sisters, girlfriends, nieces, grandmothers, daughters, and BFFs everywhere are going to JUST RIDE. You’ll want to capture that.

For information about group events near you, check out IFRD’s Facebook page.

  • William Connor

    I thinks it’s great. The local BMW dealer here has a corresponding event with massive support. I just hope everyone stays safe and rides more than just tomorrow!

  • Dan

    Hopefully gear manufacturers get the message and start thinking of female riders as something more than an afterthought. It’s a massive chore finding women’s gear that doesn’t look like lacrosse gear (or worse). Hint: it’s not necessary to differentiate women’s gear by embroidering stupid flowers on everything.

    • BobasBounty

      Man, that stuff is better than some of the “chopper inspired” ladies gear I see around here. I’m all about showing confidence in yourself, but there is a line that is too often crossed by 60 somethings in leather crop tops who turned the tanning bed to well done…

      • PaddingtonPoohBear

        I think all of that “tough guy” biker gear is ridiculous. Where are they when it gets cold out? Sissies! (Although TBH I currently have to draw the line at anything less than 45 degrees F so I guess I’m weak compared to some. =P)

        • LS650

          45f is a mild spring morning here – bundle up and go for a ride.

    • Jack McLovin

      Dan is an unusual name for a woman, And if you are a man, but not by much I would argue. Why do you feel compelled to make a comment where you retype word for word the cliche line about women’s gear that we have read so often in articles and comments by women? I mean seriously wtf dude? You sat down and typed up word for word the last ten articles on moto websites about women’s gear. What is your motivation? I would give up one of my five testicles just to meet the man who thinks and comments like this. Then I would donate my other two to him because he’s clearly missing them.

      • Dan

        All hail the five-testicled internet troll.

        • Jack McLovin

          I think the internet is the problem on both sides of the issue. I would react to you the same way if you made this comment to my face. Lord help you if my bros were around I would lay the sarcasm on thick and heavy. But no one speaks like you in reality. It’s because of the internet that you and others like you take this tone and then get replied to as you were. I don’t know, am I talking out the side of my neck here? Does that make sense?

          • Dan

            So when one of your buddies (in real life) complains that its hard finding decent gear for his wife, you would object that his complaints are cliched, that others have raised them before, and why does he bother complaining / taking this tone? I honestly don’t understand what you’re so worked up about.

            • Jack McLovin

              I’m not worked up, I’m at work though. Currently I’m taking a break and eating a can of tuna in olive oil. And in my circle of friends we say stuff like that to each other with a smile on our face.
              I just get curious when I notice people speaking of their own free will, one assumes, along the same lines as the talking heads on TV or in other media regardless of the topic. You’ve heard of walter mitty right, or being called a walt? It’s a god damned phenomenon. People read some journo’s thoughts on a bike and then repeat it on forums when someone asks for an opinion in trying to choose between two different bikes as if they have owned said bike for years. I have a TL1000R and if I had a dollar for every internet expert who shared the same exact (often incorrect) opinion when asked about it I’d have several baker’s dozens of dollars. Once in a while an actual owner steps in and sets things right but god damn.
              So my point is you’re not a woman, you don’t know what it’s like to shop for women’s gear, and you don’t know what women think when they see pink gear with flowers on it. And you are not a motorcycle gear manufacturer nor do you work in the gear industry. You know of one or two woman’s opinions that have written on the topic of women’s gear. And yet you chose to comment on it as if you were the definitive expert on all things women’s gear by repeating their opinion as if it were your own. I just want to know why.
              Look what you made me do, I hate typing, and being so long winded in general.

              • Dan

                The irony of this is too good to pass up. I’m not an arm chair expert. I’m not repeating back something I read on the internet. You’re correct that I’m not a woman, but that’s the only thing you got right.

                My wife rides on the street and track. I’ve gone gear shopping with her and struggled to get her equipped. I’ve been in every gear shop I could find, first in Los Angeles, then in New York. I saw that the jackets fit like lacross jerseys. I saw the damn flowers embroidered on everything. I saw that important safety features that are widely available for men (race boots with inner ankle support structure like Supertech R) arent even for sale for women.

                You’ve assumed the worst and accused me of coughing back something I read on the internet. I’m telling you what I saw when we went shopping. The opinions are my own. Take it or leave it. And then stop making assumptions about where other people’s knowledge comes from. Welcome to being one of the people on the internet who doesn’t know what they’re talking about.

                • Jack McLovin

                  That’s because they are .0002% of the riding population. Hey if I’m wrong I’m wrong, despite the article having nothing to do with gear availability anyway. You just threw that in there coz you have to be a know it all. And you could have literally just made all that up. Welcome to the internet as you say.

                • Send Margaritas

                  Jack, thanks for all of your insight. Maybe someday, when you give up being a douche, you’ll meet a woman who isn’t repulsed by your current personality, and could find some sort of positive in worthless comments and personal attacks, like you posted above.

                • Jack McLovin

                  Thank’s for your insight beeeeoooootch. I am aware they are more than the quoted percent but you are not aware of hyperbole apparently. And while I may not be a proud owner of a shame cave I am fit, very fit, extremely fit. Back in the day of weighing 230 lbs. at 5’10″ and going to the gym three times a day I could not fit into most clothes let alone biker gear. I have noticed several articles on this site about fitness. I found them cute but notice I didn’t fill up the comments with my sob stories about how I can’t find gear to fit me. That’s because I have a man brain, which is bigger than a woman’s fact check that, and I am aware that I am some fraction of a percent of the riding public so no one cares, not the average guy reading and certainly not the gear manufacturers. So why comment on an article about fitness that had nothing to do with gear about how swole dudes can’t find gear? At least I’m the primary party and not the case where I know somebody who can’t find gear. If I remember the next time I see a story on fitness I’m gonna cry in the comments about not being able to fit into riding gear. I hope to see you there in the comments supporting me LOLOLOL

              • Piglet2010

                “…and eating a can of tuna in olive oil.”

                That will make you as mad as a hatter one day.

                • Jack McLovin

                  Better mad than obese.

          • eddi

            Look up The Internet F*wad Theory.

      • LS650

        Angry much?

        • Jack McLovin

          Ever see a thread where someone asks “should I get a fat bob or a fat boy” and dozens of walts chime in about how hardleys are unreliable and which type of metric cruiser one should get instead? Doesn’t that irk you in the least or are you one of those walts?

          • Piglet2010
          • LS650

            ‘Walts’? No idea what that is.

            • eddi

              That’s The Bomb. Code name “Fat Boy” dropped on Nagasaki. Second atomic bomb used in war. So far also the last dropped with hostile intent.

              • Jack McLovin

                Not even close.

                • eddi


  • Jack McLovin

    Good thing they announced it first so I know to stay off the roads.

    • akaaccount

      Haha what a jerk

      • Reid

        lol maybe he’s married and doesn’t want to risk the temptation.

  • SneakyJimmy

    I’m really fighting the urge to say something stupid about rides and females but seriously this is great. There should be more women riders if the sport is to grow.

    • Piglet2010

      The event name is rather unfortunate.

      • Paolo

        Dude…your comments always crack me up! Please never change.

  • katesy

    Everyday is female ride day for me! I don’t own a car, so it’s either one of the bikes or the bus. And the bus sucks. It kind of saddens me that a day like this is even needed, though if it gets more ladies out there riding more power to it.

    • eddi

      Anything to attract new riders is great. Being a child of the 60s, I’ve watched with pleasure as the ladies have taken their place beside the guys on their own bikes. A bike is my sole transport too. I can’t see wasting resources just to haul me and some groceries around. Enjoy tomorrow. I’m gonna go out and wave at anyone who is willing to face the drizzles predicted around here.

  • Nemosufu Namecheck

    Is there a way to track where the event will be by city? I have a female friend here that rides and finding other female riders in this part of the U.S. is like finding pink unicorns.

    • eddi

      Here’s their home site. An email to them if nothing is listed might work. But grab your friend and go chase a pink unicorn in any case. :-)

      • Nemosufu Namecheck

        Thanks eddi!

  • E Brown

    No matter how many times I see it, I still have trouble with that SR400 pic – how tiny can that woman be, to make the bike look that big?

    • Piglet2010

      Dani Pedrosa’s sister?

  • Justin McClintock

    Remember to wear your gear ladies. A day of women in skin tight leather….we need to do this more often.