Pancho Villa The OG Motorcycle Outlaw



Pancho Villa Motorcycle Outlaw

In light of Cinco de Mayo, or drinko as it’s become in America, Pancho Villa may be one of the most notorious Mexican outlaws (or liberators depending on your perception) in the world. But we have to thank him for motorcycles in the military.

Did you know he had a personal love affair with motorcycles? Odds are, no. Luckily we were able to locate a photo of Mr. Villa and an iconic 1914 Indian Hendee Special. According to official reports, Villa loved to use motorcycles like the Indian Powersport to be specific, to conduct his raids. One such raid was in the town of Torreon (a town in which he successfully captured in 1914).

Indian Military Powersport

In one big way, you can thank Pancho Villa for making the US Military integrate motorcycles into service. If it weren’t for his raid in New Mexico, the motorcycle possibly wouldn’t have been enlisted until WW2.

Happy Cinco de Mayo!


  • Paolo

    No ABS, no TC…just balls.

    • eddi

      No suspension, numbed balls.

      • Paolo

        No kiddin’! How did people even ride back then?!

        • eddi

          Cast iron cylinders and cast iron cojones.

        • LS650

          Remember that back then there were very few paved roads, and most motorcycles had about the same HP as a 50cc scooter does today. A rider probably spent most of his time putt-putting around at 20 or 30 mph.

  • Davidabl2

    Chasing Villa might have been the first operational American military use of aircraft as well…
    Most Mexicans will know just HOW Villa dealt with that :-) And most Americans won’t :-)

  • Michael Howard

    “One such raid was in the town of Torreon (a town in which he successfully captured in 1914).”

    Is this trying to say that he successfully captured the town in 1914 or that he was successfully captured in the town in 1914? Some of your readers actually want to understand what you’re writing about.