Thanks Craigslist: 30-Inch Road King



Thanks Craigslist Road King

Sometimes, late at night, I think about my life and ask myself questions like “have I lived up to my potential” and “why did I think a cup of coffee at 9pm was a good idea”. Then I get serious for a minute and contemplate something a little more meaningful like “Why don’t I own a bike which looks like a dog dragging it’s butt across the carpet”.

I guess in a way there’s a kind of fatalistic sense of self fulfilling prophecy when you take a motorcycle known for it’s poor handling and impracticality and strip it of any pretense or road-worthiness.

Front brake? I didn’t have one on my childhood Huffy, and I certainly can’t see why you’d think anything has changed.

The ability to turn? What do I look like, one of those rice rocket biker boyz?

This Harley-Davidson Road King exists for that special kind of man who has outgrown his Airfix models and now needs a real, life-sized toy to paint and admire. The kind of bad ass who spends hours polishing his symbol of non-conformity.

I’m not saying this is a bike for poseurs, just don’t forget the enclosed trailer and white gloves, you wouldn’t want to chip the paint on your new Faberge Harley. Especially if you decided to shell out $38,000.

Check out the full listing here

What Craigslist gems have you come across? 

  • FastPatrick

    I know this was nobody’s priority at the time, but part of me really wonders what the steering feel is like at speed.

    • zedro

      Like hitting the pavement?

  • Doubleoevan
    • eddi

      That’s almost boringly normal in comparison. Everybody does V8 trikes. It is a well made and finished one, that’s different.

      • zedro

        But this one doubles as a lumber hauler!

    • BobasBounty

      Leave it to harley guys…. Builds 400+ hp trike for touring. Gives it a 5 gallon tank with 8 mpg.

  • the antagonist

    I miss-read the title as “30-inch Road Kill”. I think that’s somehow more accurate.

  • Clint Keener

    So you guys make fun of this Harley, but praise an old guy with a collection of 30 other Harleys? and a 1918 that probably stops as well as this one?

    Be consistent.

    • Nolan Zandi

      Our writers have different opinions from each other. Sometimes they argue

      • William Connor

        Truth in written form.

    • tad diemer

      Well, they aren’t necessarily being inconsistent.

      As far as I’m concerned, there’s a huge difference between a vintage bike that simply has limited braking and handling by today’s standards, and a modern machine with perfectly mediocre brakes and handling that someone has heavily modified to actually reduce its capability…

      Vintage biking might not be everyone’s taste, but it’s entirely different than taking something new and making it basically useless as a functioning motorcycle, turning it into something that’s sort of… Sculptural.

      • Send Margaritas


  • William Connor

    Not my cup of tea but if someone likes it, then good for them.

    • jlxn

      Yup, I don’t get the 30 in wheels either, but since I’m not buying any and don’t have 38K to spend on an impractical bike. Nothing for me to worry about. Good for them, I wish I had $38K to spend on anything I wanted. : )

      • Ken Lindsay

        Its probably an $80,000 bike that someone is hoping to get $38K for.

        • jlxn

          Yeah, I must not be living right. $80K is what I paid for my house.

  • Gomer Pyle

    that is NOT a motorcycle,,,,that is a Hood Turd !

  • Mattin11225
  • Paul Willis

    Sometimes, even in the middle of the friggin’ day, I wonder why I waste my time reading RideApart, and ask myself questions like “can it possibly get any worse before it gets any better?” and “why am I now adding fuel to the pitiful spark of a fire by commenting?” Clearly, I’m not drunk enough.

    • Guzzto

      Nope it’s just getting worse and worse, I checked in again to confirm this. Lots af content I had already seen on numerous other sites, reddit type lists and moronic videos of the worst motorcyling has to offer. Oh and now here’s a nifty idea lets have a bike of the week kind of thing like Bike Exif or Pipeburn except those sites already exist. What used to be a wonderful website which was months ahead of the rest in content has turned into a bland copy of every other site out there. recycling old news or just posting un altered press releases.
      It certainly caters to the noobs and easily distracted but I have found little of interest in a long long time.
      Oh and that Fieldshear(sp) motorcle range looked like it was designed in East germany in 1982.
      one more thing you poke fun at this bike but give the Victory 8 out of 10 (I can’t see much difference between the two)

    • Justin

      After Wes Siler departed for brighter horizons this entire site went to ****.

      Wes and Seth and the former RA were a big reason I decided to get into the sport in the first place and seeing how far this site has fallen without them is heartbreaking.

      • Send Margaritas

        ^ Wes’s new discus account. ;)

      • TechGuy5489

        By any chance do you ride a 250 in a roadcrafter?

        • Justin

          If I said yes would you still respect me?

  • Michael Howard

    Might be kinda fun riding that thing until the saddlebags were ground down and broken enough that it would finally lean a bit.

  • eddi

    You cannot ride it. It’s just a piece of artwork. Just starting the engine would crack all the Bondo. I guess we could also call this article, Extreme Non-Riding. To me it’s not even up to the quality of a proper showpiece chopper circa 1970.

  • HeDidn’tWeDid

    $38,000.00-That buys you a nicely optioned 2014 Subaru WRX-STI. It would buy you a Pannigale-R along with an FZ-09. It would buy you FOUR FZ-09′s with aftermarket suspension work. (I mention the FZ-09 because I own one…woot!). $38,000.00 would buy you a KTM Super Duke 1290, a KTM 500EXC, and a Kawasaki Z1000. This ad reminds me of when “American Chopper” was in it’s original run. There were these ‘custom’ chopper shops popping up everywhere selling these shoddy motorcycles for stupid money.

    • Bluesceyes

      Or better yet it would buy you an Aprilia RSV4 Factory and Tuono V4. Track and street covered!

  • Send Margaritas

    I can appreciate a V-Twin cruiser. I like the V-Twin engine character and torque coming on at low RPM. I have one, ride it often (, admittely an FJR is my workhorse bike).I don’t understand this site’s hate of Harleys. I think it’s wrong.Then again, I completely understand the hate of this Road King.

    • jlxn

      It’s almost like the existence of a brand they don’t like is somehow a threat to them. That’s the best explanation I can think of.

  • Riedl

    Disclaimer: I hate show bikes and the “big wheel” trend.

    You guys do all realize that it has air ride right? You would raise it up to ride it. – OK just checking

    Also “I guess in a way there’s a kind of fatalistic sense of self fulfilling
    prophecy when you take a motorcycle known for it’s poor handling and
    impracticality and strip it of any pretense or road-worthiness.” If you had one ounce of knowledge about cruisers you would know the Road King is a very highly regarded, well handling, very practical bike.

  • Bluesceyes

    It looks like an adult BigWheel! Except it probably doesn’t turn as well as one.

    • Doug Herbert

      If they painted it up as a big wheel, it would start to have some appeal. As it stands, what are they trying to do here?

  • BigHank53
  • Gabe Cosarca

    You guys are missing the good part, there isn’t a need for a kickstand so it’s one less thing to worry about when parking and it’s a solid 1.5 lbs weight reduction. Why would anyone do this…

    I’m positively sure the front wheel cost more than all three of my motorcycles.

  • Davidabl2

    Name’s wrong, guys…it’s Road Thing, not road king.. and they’re called ‘posers.’ ‘Poseurs’ sounds kind of refined..