Thanks eBay: 1965 Corvair Trike



1965 Corvair Trike

No, nothing is wrong with your eyes; you’re looking at a custom 1965 Corvair trike…

Why anyone would go through the effort of making something like this is beyond me. It’s powered by a rebuilt six-cylinder engine with a Harley-Davidson front end. The eBay listing says the “trike is ready to ride now, but needs cosmetic work.” That’s probably the understatement of the year because this is the ugliest thing I’ve ever seen.

1965 Corvair Trike

If you want to feel like you’re piloting a large sidecar, this abomination can be yours for $3,999.99. On the plus side, there’s room for two in the back seat.

1965 Corvair Trike

Original listing:

  • panthalassa

    wow. can’t unsee that. “unsafe at any speed,” indeed, including zero.

    • zedro

      “…..and all previous owners died in rollovers…..”

  • Scheffy

    “Hi, I’m Johnny Knoxville… and this is RideApart.”

  • Nemosufu Namecheck

    Hipsters please try to control your orga….

  • FiveG

    How could you do that to a Corvair? (Most unfairly maligned car ever)

  • brian fleenor

    I’m so utterly flabbergasted at what I’ve just seen that I can’t even come up with a worthwhile comment other than to express my confusion and ‘wtf’ mindset.

  • VFRMarc

    Ugly is in the eye of the beholder. Give some credit to the thought and effort behind this.

    • Dan

      I’m with Marc. This guy had a vision, and realized it. That I would like it to look different isn’t really relevant, since the last time I turned a car into a motorcycle is, well, never.

    • mjc_iv

      While I’m sort of happy that this trike exists, asking $4000 is totally bonkers.

    • eddi

      Despite my joke below, these things are never about anything but the builder saying “Look what I did.” with a smile. This one may be half-a$$ed finished, but It’s got to be almost unique.

  • Mister X

    Wow a ’65 Monza 4 door that rightly should have gone to the crusher, especially after noticing at the thick Bond-O on the left rear, nasty.
    It appears to have the stock 164 CI, 110 HP engine, and if it’s “rebuilt” like the ad indicted, then why didn’t they clean the oil off of it, I’m suspicious of the rebuilt claim, or at least the quality of the “rebuild”.
    FUGLY doesn’t even begin to cover it, damn… that’s a serious “one too many cases of beer” idea if I’ve ever seen one, it’s just wrong, it burns my eyes.

  • Clint Keener

    Still better than a Harley.

    • Send Margaritas

      Wow. Listen to the hater.Of course, that discredits all your comments. I have room for a street glide in my garage. This trike, I’d have to pay to get it removed.

    • Slowtire

      Still better than a Harley, blaa blaa blaa. Grow up.

  • eddi

    If you bought it and tried to turn it into something that you could run without feeling like all the children were pointing and laughing, the end bill would no doubt pay for a professionally done trike. Or two. Or three.

  • jlxn

    This needs one of those comparison images, “What I see” vs. “What everyone else sees.”