MiniMoto Stunting Kid Puts Adults To Shame

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Kid MiniMoto Stunting

We in NO WAY condone this behavior but it is worth a look, this amazing kid MiniMoto stunting.

While we preach safety here at RideApart there are some instances where kids doing things better than adults are fun to watch. Take this kid on his MiniMoto stunting like a boss! Popping long distance wheelies while performing stand-ups, can-cans, frogs and one-handed wheelies as his dad (we’re assuming) films all the action. Respect to this little nugget handling tricks like this without breaking a sweat.

Please don’t send us videos of your kids with no safety gear on stunting in your backyard. This is the rare occasion where we tip our hats to a talented young tike.

Kid MiniMoto Stunting

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  • ‘Mike Smith

    I finally found my long lost son who was kidnapped by Mexican motorcycle gypsies!!!

  • Dave

    Kid’s got great potential. Now put a helmet on him until he’s old enough to weigh his own risk of spilling his brains on the pavement..

  • Nemosufu Namecheck

    All hail king of the squids!