Video: Red Bull Motorsports Tarah Gieger

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Red Bull Motorsports Tarah Gieger

It’s Friday and what better way to watch the time fly by than with a choice video?

On deck for your viewing pleasure, and in light of International Female Ride Day, is the latest video to emerge from Red Bull Motorsports. The subject? Endurocross and Motocross rider Tarah Gieger in super slow motion ripping through the air, roosting hairpin corners and flying through the whoops. “Riding a dirt bike at high speeds is sort of like meditation for me. Because you can’t let anything else bother you at that time, it’s just whatever’s going on then… It’s definitely amazing, I think I’m addicted to it.”, Tarah explains in the video.

Red Bull Motorsports Tarah Gieger

The video captures highlights from her latest interview with Red Bull Motorsports (which you can read in it’s entirety on their site).

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  • William Connor

    Really nice video. Can’t say I have ever seen anything she has raced in. The only reason I knew who she was is because of ESPN magazine. She definitely looked smooth on track, with some nice speed.

  • zedro

    Yup, non-thinking time=riding bliss.

    Wish I had that track.