First Look: Ariel Ace Motorcycle

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Ariel ACE Specs:


76 degree 1237cc Unicam Honda V4

Bore 81mm x 60mm

Throttle by wire


173 BHP @ 10,000 rpm Torque 131Nm @ 8750 rpm


A 6 speed manual sequential

B DCT switchable auto with sport and manual push button control

Switchable traction control


A 14.1 litres

B 18.6 litres

C 21.3 litres


Stainless steel exhaust, option of silencers


Anodised machined and welded aluminium frame

Adjustable rake angle 21.8 degrees – 28.4 degrees


A Front Ariel Girder with TTX damper

Adjustable compression, rebound and spring preload

B Front Telescopic forks

Adjustable compression, rebound and spring preload

Rear Pro link single sided swing arm

Adjustable compression rebound and spring preload


Front: Twin 320mm floating discs with 6 piston radial calipers

Rear: Single 276mm floating disc with 2 piston sliding caliper

Electronic ABS front and rear


Front: 17×3.5

Rear: 17×6


Front: 120/70ZR17

Rear 190/55ZR17


Digital LCD display with data logging capability and gear indicator


LED headlamp, LED brake/stop lamp, LED indicators


Composite and carbon fibre

Seat Height

A 745mm

B 784mm

C 825mm


A 1541mm

B 1552mm

C 1563mm


0 -60 mph 3.4 seconds (0-100kph)

Top speed 165mph (265kph)


Starting at £20,000 including VAT @ 20%

  • Chris McAlevy

    Would I buy a naked bike with a 170 hp honda v4? FUCK yes.

    Will I buy this bike? Nope, it’s just another super limited run toy for the rich.

    • hunkyleepickle

      the better question is when is Honda going to put this v4 in something available to the slobbering masses… i.e.. me, and stop fannying about with all these dull entry level machines.

      • appliance5000

        Their entry level bikes aren’t dull they’re a blast – great engines, great chassis, great price. Spec sheets don’t make the bike.

  • augustdaysong

    The Atom pushed the sport car envelope by being completely stripped down, having a relatively low price point compared to other supercars, and having amazing handling (or so I hear) but you can’t really improve on motorcycle technology or performance at the moment. All you can do is make it really unique looking (read: ugly) and charge a bunch for it and sell it to rich folk which is exactly what they’re doing here, in the same vein as Lotus, Confederate, Boss Hoss, and the new Brough Superior

  • Justin McClintock

    No Square Four? Disappointing. Wonder if they’re gonna offer a traditional manual or just the goof-box. Eh, doesn’t matter either way….they’re not getting my money.

  • LS650

    IMHO that is one ugly dog’s breakfast of a motorcycle. Yuck.

  • appliance5000

    Where do put your knees when you need that extra grip? Love Ariel though.

  • Flying Couch

    The Ariel Motor Company that’s building this and the Atom has nothing to do with the Ariel Motor Company responsible for the Square Four of old.

  • 480272

    pretty it ain’t.