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Racer Gloves Summer Fit Gloves

Gloves are very personal. The glove that works for one rider may not work for another. They have to have the right features and they have to fit — like a glove, as the saying goes. That’s why there are so many choices out there. The latest pair to cross my desk and make it out on the road is the Summer Fit Glove from Racer ($99.99 direct at

I tend to travel with two pairs of gloves: One for warm weather and one for cold/inclement weather. The Summer Fit Glove is a “lightweight vented glove for riding in warmer weather,” according to the Racer website. The body of the glove is made from goat leather, which is softer and more supple than cowhide. It is often used for fine gloves, because it requires virtually no break-in period, and is flexible and water-resistant. Goat skin is a good choice for a summer glove, because it is also more breathable than cowhide, elk skin or buffalo hide (I have gloves made from each material). My only concern about goatskin is that it is thinner than the other leathers, but Racer has addressed this issue by doubling the leather in critical areas, adding soft padding to the knuckles and a Kevlar lining in the palms. Fingertip pads with embedded silicon star shapes help improve grip.

Racer Gloves USA Summer Fit Gloves

The Summer Fit Glove has a mid-length gauntlet with a padded Velcro closure. I found that I could cinch up the gauntlet snugly and wear my jacket sleeves over the glove, letting air go up my arms; or I could cinch the gauntlet around my sleeves, and block the air when temperatures went down, greatly increasing the Summer Fit’s range of usefulness over my usual short gloves (without gauntlet).

The Summer Fit Glove has a perforated panel across the back of the hand, and small perforations in the leather between the fingers. I could use more ventilation in a hot weather glove, but my hands never overheated or got too uncomfortable in temperatures up to 90 degrees (our Los Angeles springtime weather). For desert touring, I might seek out a synthetic alternative with serious venting.

Racer Gloves USA Summer Fit Gloves

I’ve got big hands, and the 2XL pair fit me perfectly, with plenty of length in the fingers and a comfortable, yet snug fit across the knuckles and palms. The fingers are pre-curved, which helps avoid bunching on the grips and greatly contributes to long-range comfort.

Racer Outdoor GmbH is an Austrian company. Their products are imported by Racer Gloves USA. The Summer Fit Gloves that I tested were labeled “Made In China,” as expected on just about everything these days. Fit and finish were first rate, with tight, uniform stitching and a quality feel inside and out. At $99.99, the price is reasonable, and the gloves look as good now as they looked a thousand miles ago

  • William Connor

    Good looking gloves. Look comfortable on your hands.

    • Jason Fogelson

      They were comfortable from the moment I put them on, and keep getting better.

  • Scott Otte

    I’ve used a pair of Racer Gloves (the now discontinued MultiTop) for years and they are my favorite pair of gloves I own. I have yet to test them in a crash… but for comfort and lasting build quality they’re great. I commute daily and wear them at least once a day depending on the time of year. Just wish they had extra padding or a plate for my scaphoid.

  • Joe

    Someday I wish people would review and test ‘summer’ gear in Arizona, as 90 does not approach our summer temperatures. well maybe the lows at night.

    • BobasBounty

      Ehh you’ve got no humidity! Try 100+ with 90%+ humidity where sweat just doesn’t evaporate. Feels like someone blowing a hair dryer through a humidifier at speed!

      • Gail

        You’ve obviously never been to Southern AZ in the summer during Monsoon Season.

    • Justin McClintock

      Arizona during the summer is unfit for life in general.

    • BobasBounty

      I think gloves are pretty standard when you crack triple digits. Are they mostly mesh or perforated without a liner? Yes=best you can do, no=move along… Lol

      Have to say, I don’t get why anyone would wear anything but short cuffs in the dead of summer unless you were on the track. Same goes for waterproof. If the rain is like bath water… Who cares if your hands get wet? Heck provides a tad bit of cooling!

      • Jason Fogelson

        I used to agree with that, Bobas, but my last unintended get-off changed my mind. My jacket sleeve pulled up, and the only place my skin contacted the road was on my wrist — right where a gauntlet would have protected me. The gauntlet on this glove is not too obtrusive, and doesn’t block the wind if it’s tucked into my sleeve, as you can see in the picture above.

  • Aaron

    I have a pair of Icon Pursuit perf gloves and Alpinestars SP-X Gloves. I prefer the Icon for fit but the Alpinestars has better features. For some reason the A* gloves KILL my throttle hand. It hurts in the middle like the glove is squeazing my hand from just beneath the knuckle. They feel fine when not gripping the throttle and they are nice and cool.

  • skeelo221

    I recently got the Racer Limes gloves and love them.

  • Michael Howard

    I really like most of Racer’s products but I can’t see myself wearing street gear that says “Racer” on it any more than I’d wear a t-shirt that says “Macho” or “Badass”.

    • Stuki

      It is a bit suboptimal when attempting to explain yourself to a ticket writing officer……..

    • Tom Gabriele

      I guess I won’t wear my “badass” t-shirt to work today then…

  • Justin McClintock

    Did anybody else get a little chuckle by the fact that they’re testing this glove that admittedly has a kinda sportbike look to it….while riding a CTX?

    • Jason Fogelson

      I’ve been wearing them on every bike I ride lately, Justin. The pre-curved fingers and padded palm make them work on any style of bike, and they’re actually pretty subtle in person.

  • Justin McClintock

    Would it have been horrible of them to put a full circumferential strap around the wrist? Probably nit-picking on my part, by THAT strap (the one that isn’t there on these gloves and is replaced by elastic) is the one that’s going to keep it on your hand if you do something incredibly stupid.

  • Engineer Amy

    I can’t speak to the Racer summer gloves, but my women’s Sport Short kangaroo palm gloves ROCK! The first pair I ordered didn’t fit quite right and Lee Block was super cool about my return/replacement. They take a bit to break in but it’s well worth it!

  • jesusio

    Which synthetic alternative with serious venting would you recommend?