The James Hunt Tribute. Will it live up to its hard-partying, playboy name?

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Hesketh James Hunt Motorcycle

Mick Broom who helped with development and was a test rider for Hesketh, purchased what was left of the company in the late-80s. He held onto the brand, never seriously manufacturing a new motorcycle, but spent most of the time building leftover V1000s, as well as servicing and upgrading them. Triumph approached Hesketh Company about building the V1000 after the Bonneville, but lacked the money to do so.

In 2006, the company moved but took a hard hit when they were robbed in the process. Sleeman purchased the company in 2010, started working on this tribute bike and recently finished a run of updated, production V1000s too.

The question remains: is this a decent attempt at honoring a driver and car like James Hunt and the #24 Hesketh?  Sleeman claims he is using as many British parts as possible, but it’s an American V-twin on an American-built steel frame, what do you think? Comment below.



Hesketh James Hunt Motorcycle



Specifications at a glance: 



Engine type                          Air-cooled, V-twin

Displacement                       117ci (1,950 cc)

Bore x stroke                        4 1/8in X 4 3/8in (105mm x 110mm)

Compression ratio                9.75:1

Fuel system                          Closed loop EFI

Cool things                            Keyless ignition, stainless steel & carbon fibre exhaust,



Power                                   123hp @ 6000RPM

Torque                                  70 ft/lbs @ 3000RPM



Frame                                    Chrome-moly tube cradle frame

Swing arm                             Steel box section with integral oil tank

Rake                                      25 degrees

Trail                                        96mm

Wheels                                  17-inch BST Blackstone carbon fiber

Front tire                               120/70/ZR17

Rear tire                                190/70/ZR17

Handlebars                            Renthal tubular tapered steel Fatbars

Fuel tank capacity                 5 US gallons

Seat height                            32in

Wheelbase                            61in

Transmission                         Baker 5-speed with overdrive

Clutch                                    Baker wet multi-plate with KingKong clutch cable


Front suspension                   55mm adjustable Öhlins USD forks

Rear suspension                   Öhlins adjustable reservoir-style twin shocks



Front brakes                          Beringer 300mm floating discs with 4-piston Beringer Aerotech calipers

Rear brakes                          Single Beringer 250mm floating disc with 4-piston Beringer Aerotech caliper



Hesketh_James_Hunt_24_Tribute_05 Hesketh_James_Hunt_24_Tribute_06 Hesketh_James_Hunt_24_Tribute_04 Hesketh_James_Hunt_24_Tribute_03


  • Aaron

    Harley Davidson take note.

  • Justin McClintock

    Looks heavy. If I wanted something like that, I’d look towards one of the old Harley-engined Buells.

    • Mister X

      Without knowing at all, that’s a funny reason to dislike it, because it “looks heavy”.

      And if you “look towards” a Harley powered Buell, then it wouldn’t be a James Hunt tribute bike would it, so just what IS your point?

      • Justin McClintock

        My point was that, for a bike with sporting intentions, it’s probably quite heavy. Probably far moreso than the Harley powered Buells were. Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that an X Wedge, a Baker tranny, a primary that looks like it’s overbuilt for a drag bike are going to add up to a seriously heavy powertrain. Not that it matters. The likelihood of any of these ever really being ridden in a sporty manner is bordering on nil anyway. And besides, I’m CLEARLY not the target market for this thing.

        • Wtfnow

          Gawd you sound as dumb as Wes siler

          • Justin McClintock

            My apologies for not being extremely excited about an overpriced, overweight naked sportbike.

  • daveinva

    Crappy movie? Huh, must’ve seen a different one than I did.

    RideApart: Come for the press releases, stay for the movie reviews!

    • Jesse Kiser

      ZING! well played. Ok, I think I am the only one in the world that did not like that movie, but I felt it was a disappointment compared to the real story.

      • Bernardba7

        No you were not the only one! Should have stuck to the real story. Although they did keep the budgies.

  • Mister X

    Really, you’re restating the old, tired, “Are Harley’s American because they use Nipponese parts” argument for this bike, lame man, just lame.

  • Hooligan

    Talking of exotic English motorbikes, I prefer the look of this. Only £20,000, ($35.000)

  • Tee Jay

    Wet weight: 28192871721962187 Pounds.
    Pretty bike though!

  • BigRooster69

    So basically a 2002 Buell X1?