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2015 Yamaha Bolt

Perhaps the most popular entry-level cruiser of last year, the Bolt has won over riders of all ages and their new 2015 Yamaha Bolt refresh may just be the tipping point you needed to take one home.

The Bolt ($7,990) and R-Spec Bolt ($8,390) come with a few aesthetic upgrades including two new colors for the later (Candy Red and Glacier Blue). The R-Spec is available in Matte Silver and the always fashionable Raven Black. All can be personalized even more with unique graphic packages like pinstripes and racing stripes.

2015 Yamaha Bolt

The Bolt also receives an upgraded digital speedometer which, were told, is more visible during day light hours.

While the refresh may seem like a trip to a local custom shop they are appreciated for those looking for a Harley alternative. The 2015 Bolt and R-Spec Bolt both his showroom floors this July. Visit for more information.

2015 Yamaha Bolt

2015 Yamaha Bolt

2015 Yamaha Bolt

2015 Yamaha Bolt

2015 Yamaha Bolt

  • Paolo

    Damn they look good. Too bad they’re sold for $13,000 in my country…

  • Jack Meoph

    Another press release…….oh well. I do think the Bolt looks better than the basic Sporty, but there are so many differrent trims available for the HD. Price wise, the Yamanail kills the Hardley. There’s no reason not to get the R-spec version of this bike for an extra $400.

  • Doug Herbert

    Come for the press releases, stay for the????

    • Reid

      Photos of hipsters on metric cruisers.

      • Tom Byrne

        Wait, anyone who wears jeans and a classic leather jacket is a hipster? You are biased and clueless.

    • hunkyleepickle

      Do they actually have anyone riding bikes, or that rides bikes, thats part of the ‘RideApart staff” anymore? i’m genuinely curious.

  • James

    That windshield looks like a terrible afterthought but the rest looks ok. I’m not the cruiser type though.

  • Guest

    Same midget female rider as the other yammie press release, are they trying to0 make the bike look bigger ?

  • Harvard J. Nasty, Esq.

    Great press release. Looking forward to the review where, like every other bike, it’s rated 9/10 or 10/10.

    This site has truly fallen to pieces.

    • William Connor

      Having ridden the bike I would rate it above a Sportster but definitely not a 9/10. Lackluster engine performance, so so brakes hold it back. It does handle sharply so it’s got potential.

      • Harvard J. Nasty, Esq.

        Is that you talking or Yamaha PR?

        • William Connor

          Me talking. The bike I rode is a friends. I really like the little bike. It’s got great build quality and it’s fun. Still wouldn’t rate it a 9/10 in the overall. The ratings need a tweak so that there are categories. 7/10 in the cruiser market and 4/10 in the overall type of metric.

  • Justin McClintock

    All the lean angle of a dump truck. I’ll pass. Honestly, if I were in the market for something like this, I’d pick up a two year old Sportster 1200 and call it a day.

    • MichaelEhrgott


      • Justin McClintock

        Not a bad choice for some. Would be a step in the wrong direction coming from my SV1000 though. If I bought a Sportster, it wouldn’t look anything close to stock when I got done. But that’d be half the point.

        • MichaelEhrgott

          Yeah. The XR1200R is my favorite Harley and probably the only one I’d ever buy. Although cafe-ing an old Sportster would be pretty fun too.

  • Gail

    So the dude gets to wear a leather jacket, and the dudette wears an open fashion (???) jacket? Great work, Yamaha Media!

    • Gerection Gerection

      Maybe that’s a CE rated t-shirt?

  • Nick

    nice repost…what is the difference of the R vs the normal one?

    • Harvard J. Nasty, Esq.

      I’m sure they’re both great, just in different ways or whatever Yamaha PR told them to say.

    • Michael Howard

      The R model has remote-reservoir shocks, a suede-like material on the seat and different paint/graphics.

  • MichaelEhrgott

    I would scrape that pipe just pulling out of the dealership.

    • William Connor

      Pegs hit first. Not by much though. Most people will ditch that cannon in the first week, not as bad as the one that came on the Yamaha Warrior at least.

      • Jesse

        Yeah, I scraped the pegs on both sides on my test ride, too. Whooops. It was a fun bike to test ride, waaay different (in some ways better, in most ways worse) than the 600cc sportbike I’m used to riding, but that’s just what I’m used to.

  • Beale

    That kink in the front of the frame makes me break out in hives. Why, oh why?

    • Davidabl2

      A good question. Since “once you’ve seen it you can’t un-see it” ;-)

  • StreetfighterX

    Did I miss why they called it the Yamaha Bolt and not the Star Bolt?

    • Davidabl2

      Company pride, I’d hope.

  • Rob M

    “Visit for more information.” – says it all.

  • RobG

    Well if RideApart wants somebody who can write and also rides dual sports, and does REAL rides, they can contact me offline. :)

  • Tom Byrne

    It seems that every time there is a review of a bike that is not a sport bike or an ADV, someone criticizes the retro look or the dress of the riders. I do not ride a cruiser. In fact my daily rider is a Suzuki GSXF 750. However, most of the time I wear heavy jeans, boots and a American Flag-themed reinforced and padded leather jacket. I always were a full helmet, but it is subtle flat black. I also where red, white and blue riding gloves. I wear them because I like them. Am I a hipster because I am wearing jeans? Do I look like a “biker” because of my jacket? Who cares. I am 47. I have been wearing jeans and riding bikes longer than some of the critics here have been alive. Give it a rest. Some of the riding suits the “real” riders here wear look ridiculous. I understand that they are safe, but the colors and patterns look like clown suits. However, I don’t begrudge anyone for wearing or ride g what they want.
    I own and ride the aforementioned 750, a 71 Suzuki T250, 75 GT 380 a 70 Honda CB450 and 79 Honda CB 400. I am under no illusion that my old bikes are as safe and durable as modern bikes, but I like their no nonsense feel. If that makes me a hipster so be it. I happen to like the Bolt. I also like the FZ-09. I like the new SR400. I also like the Triumph Street Triple and the Thruxton. Two of these bikes should be added to my stable during the next year. Probably one Triumph and one Yamaha. The two most likely are the FZ-09 and the Thrusting, but I have a soft spot for the Bolt, please tell m what kind of rider I am and should be. I would not want to make a fashion faux pas.

    • Davidabl2

      Suggestion: a bright colored helmet & mx kneepads under those jeans.

  • Davidabl2

    I have seen the 2014 and it didn’t look as good in person as it did in the pix…but then again the ones i saw weren’t being ridden by an attractive petite woman.
    Word to Yamaha; on the 2016 at least lose the busy-looking little heat shields, and the even busier-looking strap across the airbox(?) And for God’s sake lose that rolled edge on the tank. And maybe think about increasing the price difference between the Bolt and an 883 to sell lots more of them.