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2015 Yamaha FZ-07

If you loved the Yamaha FZ-09 has something else for you chuck your wallet at, the all new 2015 FZ-07.

Expected to hit showroom floors midsummer, the $6,990 “entry-level” FZ-07 features a 689cc liquid-cooled, dohc, eight-valve parallel-twin that runs a “cross-plane” 270-degree crank. Peak power output is a claimed 74 hp and 50 lb ft. The engine is expected to offer outstanding low to midrange grunt combined with a strong pull up top as well.

2015 Yamaha FZ-07

Structural features on the FZ-07 include a new lightweight, diamond-type backbone high tensile steel frame that provides optimized rigidity balance for light, agile handling and stability. The engine is a stressed member of the chassis, allowing a lighter, more compact main frame design.

The compact wheelbase, fuel tank width, rake combined with its sporty two-cylinder engine are poised to make this just as enjoyable as the FZ-09 did in 2014.

Expect us to dive deeper into the new FZ-07 later this year when we get our hands on one! For now; enjoy the bike porn.

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2015 Yamaha FZ-07

2015 Yamaha FZ-07

2015 Yamaha FZ-07

2015 Yamaha FZ-07

2015 Yamaha FZ-07

2015 Yamaha FZ-07

  • Justin McClintock

    Ah, the spiritual successor to the SV650, finally making it to the US. This is good news for anybody who likes motorcycles, whether you plan on buying one or not.

    • Benjamin Reynolds

      I’d be willing to bet the insurance and gas difference will make a bigger difference then the initial $1,000.

    • Robon Hood

      See i thought the same thing when I saw the price, to me its comes off as well the 09 is only 1k more…why dont I just get that instead.

    • HeDidn’tWeDid

      A price increase would be welcome on the FZ-09 if Yamaha puts a better stock suspension on it for 2015.

      • Kevin Duda

        I couldn’t agree more. I test road the FZ-07 and the FZ-09 today and the -09′s suspension was way too soft. The FZ-07 may be my next motorcycle…

    • Stuki

      Perhaps ’15 -09 will get abs, to justify a price bump, while the -07 will be positioned as the low price leader? Just dreaming…..

  • HunteR

    Good god, they managed to make a headlight even uglier than on the FZ-09. Its a shame too because I love everything else about this bike and the FZ-09.

    • Jonathan Booker

      Anything is better than a speed triple’s.

      • Mr.Paynter


  • Louis Tessier

    Anyone know what Alpinstars jacket that is in pictures 2 and 3?

    • Benjamin Reynolds

      #2 kind of looks like my GP Plus R

  • svc359

    Nice! Seems like a solid bike.

    Only complaint is that this write up feels like it’s straight out of a press release. As I’m sure you can tell by the people pining for the old HFL, we don’t mind the writers letting out some of their personality!

  • Dan

    Why cross plane in quotation marks? I think a 270* parallel twin counts as cross plane. The issue is with the MT-09 (triple), which Yamaha calls cross plane, but isn’t.

    • Justin McClintock

      Yamaha marketing speak. They use it on the R1 and people love it. Now they’re trying to apply that term to anything and everything, regardless of whether or not it’s truly applicable.

  • MichaelEhrgott

    If I was in the market for a street bike this would be the one. Cheap, tons of power, light, and an awesome engine.

    • Stuki

      But seemingly no ABS :(

    • Alex LaJeunesse

      Agreed. I will be in the market by the time these are sitting in dealers, if not sooner. This bike is going back to basics in a modern way and I’m VERY excited for it. There are very few 270º parallel twins on the market, and fewer that make this kind of power for the size. I can think of only the Triumph Scrambler actually, and it makes less than 60hp (with similar torque) and is 865cc.

  • Toly

    It’s about time!

  • Toly

    Wait a second!… that beautiful grey color is for Canada only, US gets the black instead. Are they f**ng taunting us? Ok no sale 4 me then, fork U Yamaha

  • IRS4

    Finally, a nice bike for girls to take to the dry lake bed!

  • ben


    • charlie

      Nope. The FZ-09 doesn’t have it either.

      • ben

        Yamaha will have none of my money until they fix this error in their calculations. Honda CBR650… my money is yours…together we shall modify you so that you look like your European cousin, the 650f… or better….preferably better.

      • Jason

        I am in the market for a new bike. However this is 2014 so no ABS = no sale. The sad thing is that ABS is standard in Europe but Yamaha won’t even offer it as an option in the USA.

  • Harvard J. Nasty, Esq.

    “If you loved the Yamaha FZ-09 has something else for you chuck your wallet at, the all new 2015 FZ-07.”
    Grammar fail.

    Other than that, great press release.

  • Flying Couch

    Okay, Suzuki. There’s never been a better time to revisit the SV650. The Gladius wasn’t awful, but wasn’t what we were looking for. Come on, you can do it.

    • Alex LaJeunesse

      Have you seen the Suzuki Recursion concept? Turbo 500cc twin. That bike will happen in one form or another. Suzuki needs it desperately to get back into a profitable sector of the motorcycle market since supersport bikes and cruisers aren’t as hot as they used to be. Their new V-strom 1000 is an example of the level of bike for the money they’re capable of offering right now, and it’s pretty awesome.

      • Flying Couch

        Yeah, I saw that back when it was released. Don’t care much for forced induction though, and while the bike looked good with a fairing I dunno how well it would translate to being stripped naked.

        • Alex LaJeunesse

          It actually looked more like a concept than a production bike, unlike the V-strom 1000 concept that ended up being 95% of what the production bike is. I imagine it will be pretty different. And with modern turbo technology being far superior to what it was in the 80′s I think it could be a really amazing little engine. Some modern turbo engines (namely from VW and BMW) don’t even feel turbocharged.

  • Zandit75

    If these are official Yamaha shots, then they should be taken into account for not promoting better riding gear.
    The woman looks to be wearing a pair of sneakers.
    Apart from take, this s a good looking bike, and looks to be a good alternative to the Kawasaki ER-6N and Honda CB650.

    • armyvet05

      Her shoes are Alpinestars Stella Faster shoes, not sneakers. Can you tell what the guy is wearing?

      • Aaron

        looks like Astars ridge boot

  • KC

    Nice – but no ABS option? Seems a bit odd these days.

    • Jason

      Yes it is. ABS is standard in Europe but not even an option in the USA.

  • michael franklin

    ABS would be a nice option, key word option, you don’t have to get it. The extra money is much less than a trip to the emergency room.

  • charlie

    Finally!! Now when the time comes that I can actually afford one, it should have the ABS option, lol.

  • Paul Cypert

    Finally. What a great bike for the price. I actually see a lot of custom-ability on these down the line too. Think they’ll make fun little project bikes because I’m betting a lot of them get bought by first time riders.

  • akaaccount

    Sweet, the parallel twin with the 270 crank will sound awesome. Not sure what the point of doing that is other than sound, but whatever it takes to bring an SV-like bike back. My 2003 died in a rear end crash two weeks ago. Sniffle.

    • Von

      I believe it adds a little more bottom end torque, Triumph Scrambler does this for that reason

      • Alex LaJeunesse

        You are correct, it’s also for the way it delivers its torque overall, more evenly (cross plane concept).

    • davidnrobyn

      It should sound exactly like a 90 degree v-twin (power pulses 270-450-270-450,etc.) I wonder if it’s as smooth as a 90 degree v-twin? If it is, it’s a great deal since the parallel twin is so much more compact and probably lighter.

  • Tupack Shackur

    I’m annoyed that this bike makes more power for less money than my 2012 Ninja 650. :(

    • Scott Otte

      If they come out with one with a fairing you might be really annoyed.

      • Tupack Shackur

        Seriously. Bad enough that the YZ-09 has 100hp at $8k :( If their FZ6R got better reviews, I would’ve loved to have a 4-cylinder instead of a buzzy twin. If they update it, I’d have to take a hard look at swapping.

        • Scott Otte

          Of course the cynic in me thinks you probably don’t need more horsepower =) Unless you almost always ride with a passenger or with full luggage.

          • Tupack Shackur

            Haha, no, I’m sure I don’t need more horsepower. But when stupid Yamaha has more horsepower RIGHT THERE for basically the same money, it makes me has a sad

            • Kenneth

              Isn’t it obvious that there’s a lot more to any motorcycle than peak horsepower? Like, its power band and torque curve? Basically, for a *street* bike, inline fours are less functional (maximum power requires much-higher revs), more complex for servicing and repair, and more buzzy (usually), than a triple or a counterbalanced twin.

              • Tupack Shackur

                I mean, absolutely there is. I’ve heard about the Ninja’s around-town prowess a lot. But I had a 2002 Bandit 600 before, and what annoys me going to a twin is the vibrations and the difference in how much throttle roll-off affects the experience. I’m not sure what you mean by buzzy, but I mean it primarily in terms of vibrations, and I don’t know that I’d agree that a 4 has more than a 2.

                • Alex LaJeunesse

                  If you look at the reviews of this bike from Europe, the MT-07, it isn’t buzzy at all. It’s a 270º crank, not a 180º like pretty much all other Japanese parallel twins (Ninja 650/Versys, CBR500R, Ninja 300 etc). So it fires pretty much like a v-twin, and a couple reviews say it feels like an SV650 with more power and torque, but it’s even smoother. You’ll get a nice lope/throb instead of buzz. I’m actually more interested in the FZ-07 than the FZ-09 and I LOVE triples.

        • Tom Gabriele

          Do you need a brand new bike? The 2009 and earlier FZ6 non-R has more power and you can find one dirt cheap. There’s the fazer version with a full fairing too

      • KC

        A fairing option would make this a strong “next motorcycle” option for me. It could use a larger fuel tank, too.

        • Scott Otte

          It’s said to get in the mid 50′s for gas mileage, so it might not need a bigger tanks. Though cementing a 200 mile range with a bigger tank would be awesome.

  • John Ash

    I have always ridden only naked bikes and love them but my situation has changed, so my next bike either has to be a dual sport for exploration purposes (Tenere 700) or a middle weight sport tourer for my common 2 hour commutes (because it may need to haul tools and small products)….so….FJR900. It would be nice to buy something a little more exciting than an NC700X but that’s the closest to what I need thus far.

    So….I like it…a lot..but need more practicality, either more touring or more DP. I know you want to do this Yamaha…time’s awasting.

    • Stuki

      What’s wrong with a ‘Strom 650? More “exciting” than the NC, and pretty much sans fault.

      • John Ash

        Probably nothing in reality. I prefer Honda ergos normally and never really cared that much for the SV so if i were to buy new, Suzuki is my last option. But a used one would probably be a good bike for the purposes. I also like the trunk on the Honda, the lower CoG and slightly lower seat. Anything over 32″ is dicey for me.

  • Psyclist

    Or you could just buy a used SV650 for half that price, HP and TQ figures are just about the same, the FZ-07 is 40 lbs lighter though. Im with you Flying Couch, Suzuki needs to revive the SV650 to compete here, but please keep it a V-Twin, I much prefer it to a parallel twin. Ill keep my SV though, upgraded suspension at either end makes this the best bike for my money still.

  • Sentinel

    The bad news is that owners in the EU are complaining of a very serious and
    potentially life threatening issue of the engine randomly stalling on
    them out on the road. Until Yamaha positively addresses and corrects
    this issue I’d stay away from this one.

  • Michael

    In Canada the FZ-07 is $7299CAD, that translates to $6677USD. Therefore, the FZ-07 should have been priced at $6690 in the US. Yamaha has it at $300 more. It is a minor complaint, but at $6690 it would definitely steal sales from Honda’s 500 line of bikes that now cost between $5799 and $6299. At $6990 it is somewhat questionable if beginners will bypass the Honda 500s for the FZ-07.

    The FZ-07 does seem to clearly beat all 600cc to 700cc offerings from the other manufacturers. It is much lighter than the competition and has a more powerful engine.

  • nickatnyt

    That bike is ugly.

    • LS650

      Beauty is skin deep. I don’t care what this bike looks like, but I sure like the specs. It sounds like a great bike to ride.

  • Dave Day

    I didn’t get past the first sentence before finding a glaring error. Please fix it and hire someone to proof your articles.

  • Johnny Nightrider

    I like the new 2015 Yamaha FZ07.I just think it should have more real wheel hp than my 2009 FZ6.Being light and having more torque it might be as quick as my FZ6 was a four cylinder and weighed 58 more pounds than this new FZ07.I’m just not sure if I should pay 10 benjamins more and go FZ09 as I test rode that bike and its fun and fast.Nimble with a great motor/transmission.I know if I have enough money I’ll buy the FZ09 and the FZ07 and the FZ1.LoL nahhhh I’ll get either the 7 or the 9.I’ll just have to test ride a 7 tommorow and see if it makes me smile as much as the 9 did.It would be cool to own a 2009 FZ6,2010 FZ6R,2013 FZ8,2013 FZ1,2014 FZ09,and a 2015 FZ07.If I acquire the money I will own a FZ07,and a FZ09.Would be 2 cool brothers together.The Suzuki SV650 was not bad but 2 expensive.Suzuki could make SV750 Four with alot of power and light but its not going to happen next year.Yamaha and Honda are going to clean up.Kawasaki and Yamaha will do good also and of coarse Harley,Ducati,BMW,Aprilla,KTM,and maybe MV.The motorcycle market is ready to explode.Its just who will get the most sales in 2014,2015 and 2016.I’ve owned 3 Hondas,2 Kawasaki’s,and 2 Yamahas.I like Yamahas right now as they last and can take alot and you don’t need a expensive dealership extended warranty.Just the manufacturer warranty.I like the 3 year warranties BMW gives out.

  • Johnny Nightrider

    I test rode the FZ09 and the engine and transmission we’re awesome and the nimble handling as it is a narrow bike.Though I like that the new FZ07 doesn’t have fly by wire just a smooth throttle to redline and the suspension is more spot on and it is light.If its for around town sunday canyon riding to work riding i’ll buy the FZ07.Though I like going to LA to Vegas sometimes so I think the FZ09 might be the better ride even if it has a cheap soft front and rear suspension.HMMM the FZ07 or the FZ09.$6990 or $7990.