Video: Canyon Carver Low-Sides Into Car

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Video: Canyon Carver Low-Sides Into Car

Proper riding gear can be the difference between a dusty, head-hanging walk of shame and a trip to the ER chaperoned by paramedics when a ride goes south.

This video starts off with Local Joey ripping his Yamaha YZF-R6 down Edwards’ Corner through “the snake” section of Mulholland Highway tucked back in the Malibu Mountains of Southern California. As this canyon carver junkie makes his way towards the exit of the right-hand corner with his knee puck dragging along the worn public road surface, an especially rough patch of asphalt is encountered, unsettling the suspension and swinging the rear end out. This puts our local hero into a rather uneventful low-side but sends the bike and rider directly into the opposing lane. After narrowly sliding by an Lexus RX350, the R6 and its pilot come to an abrupt rest underneath a Civic as they meet head-on in the shoulder despite the cage driver’s best evasive maneuvers.

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Luckily, no one was injured in this hair-raising chain of events. This can be attributed to the rider’s excellent choice of riding gear that morning. Decked out in a full leather, one-piece racing suit, race boots, full-length gloves and a full-face helmet, the pilot was up and walking around in no time after a little help from bystanders fishing him out from the Honda’s undercarriage. Without such safety gear, serious injuries such as broken bones, abrasions or worse would have been unavoidable.

Before setting out on a ride, whether it be a canyon cruise, commute to work or even a quick trip to the grocery store, proper riding gear should always be worn. Far too often are riders caught riding around town, down the freeway or through the twisties in shorts, a t-shirt and a pair of Nikes. Typically, these riders are new to the sport, trying to save a few bucks to put towards the next obnoxious aftermarket mod and/or perhaps making an attempt at a fashion statement. Experienced motorcyclists can spot these novices with ease but have trouble comprehending the validity of the logic behind these decisions. Even a spill while cruising through the neighborhood at 20MPH can have devastating results if casual wear is the selected attire for riding that day. At the bare minimum, proper riding gear should include:

  • DOT approved full-face helmet within its useful life
  • Armored riding jacket (leather or textile)
  • Protective gloves that cover the wrists
  • Armored boots or riding shoes that fully protect the ankles

Additionally, more conservative riders can opt for a back protector, specially designed riding pants, knee/leg armor, etc. but the essentials listed above can hedge against injury in a wide range of situations. The human body is surprisingly durable and can take quite a beating but the ankles, hands and brain are extremely fragile components that are especially prone to injury in even the mildest motorcycling incident. Before throwing a leg over a bike regardless of the length of the trip, intensity of the ride or weather conditions, all responsible riders rock the proper riding apparel at all times.

Despite the unfortunate wrap to our friend’s day of canyon carving in the video and perhaps the level of riding aggression of which he was exerting given the surroundings, we are glad to see the proper safety precautions were taking in the riding gear department. As a result, Local Joey was able to walk away from the crash site with nothing more than a bummed ego and for this, we salute him.

  • William Connor

    All of the above with this added: Gear can make riding in hot or cold weather much more comfortable than without it.

  • Aaron Averett

    I’ve seen a lot of this “Rnickey Mouse” guy’s videos on youtube. Here’s what I don’t understand. The only only thing he posts, and he posts a freakin’ lot of it, is dudes on sportbikes crashing in the same two or three places on (I assume) the Mulholland Highway.

    Is that, like, this guy’s full time job? He just sits there with a camera waiting for people to crash, and then films them?

    Also, why are there always six or seven track-leather clad dudes just standing around right there when these things happen, to pull the crashed bike out from under the car? It never appears they were behind the downed rider, and just stopped. It always looks like they were already standing there waiting. Is that standard practice on those canyon roads they have in California? Are the apparently idle riders designated corner marshals or something?

    • snacks

      he’s a hobbyist filming that corner, be it crashes or cool bikes. many other riders hang out at that corner to watch people ride it. it’s a huge hangout spot there on mulholland.

      • IRS4

        Hung out at the top with Jay Leno’s McLaren last week. Always lots of fun stuff to see up there.

        • Aaron Averett

          Pretty cool.

          I live in Texas, but I do a fair bit of work in Oxnard, so I drive past the PCH end of the Mulholland Highway two or three times a year. I’m always in a hurry, but one day I’ll make myself drive it in the rental car. Unfortunately, the rental car is almost always a giant lumbering SUV. :(

          Is it safe to just drive along at the speed limit, or do you get dudes on liter bikes angrily tailgating you if you do that?

    • Chris McAlevy

      I’ve not been, but I’m under the impression that that spot has a big dirt turnout area, and lots of folks riding the road stop there for a break and to watch other folks. Rnickeymouse has some videos of, for example, jay leno stopping there in some of his ridiculously awesome cars to chat with people.

    • Dangeraffe

      There is a scenic overlook right before you get to Edwards Corner (Named for the late Ed Savko, owner of The Rock Store). “Rnickey” Sits out there most weekends and selflessly shoots every motorcycle/car/crazy longboarder that come through. You can check out the photos here: It’s a good spot to take a break, and watch some cool vehicles… Jay Lenno even shows up sometimes in whatever 6 figure car he decided to drive that day.,-118.8047514,167m/data=!3m1!1e3

  • TechGuy5489

    The guy here walked away thanks to dumb luck. It had little to do with his gear. Lots of things happen to go right/well that are totally out of the rider’s control and have nothing to do with his gear. Missing the first car and the bike wedging itself under the second car enough to lift it just a bit so the rider slides under and not into the car are examples. The guy was extremely lucky.

    The video isn’t a testament to proper gear selection. It’s proof that dragging knees on public roads is a stupid idea.

    • appliance5000

      Is it possible that both elements came into play? Gear and luck..hmmm let’s think about it…….

      • TechGuy5489

        MotoGP posts videos of the “best/biggest” crashes on their Youtube page each race weekend. THOSE videos are a testament to the value of proper gear. The fact that the guy here could have easily been seriously injured or worse and those factors have zero to do with what he was wearing make this video a bad example for ATGATT.

        Does his gear play a role? Sure. Does it have anything to do with the fact that the SUV doesn’t run him over? Nope.

      • Jonathan Berndt

        more dumb luck, a full set of leathers does not prevent broken bones im afraid.

    • Justin McClintock

      You’re right in that it’s certainly proof that knee dragging on public roads is stupid. But that gear definitely helped. Sure, he was lucky the Acura didn’t run right over him or that he didn’t wind up further under the Civic. Blunt for trauma like that is gonna screw you up no matter what you’re wearing. But it’s certainly worth noting that he didn’t get torn up by the under carriage of the Civic or by the road, and that his feet seem to be fine without so much as a sprained ankle, let alone a broke one, or a broke foot. That is definitely a testament to his gear.

      Now if he would simply put as much thought into his choice of venue for that type of riding as he would to his choice of gear, he’d be in really good shape.

    • orthorim

      Stupid riding. However, he did the right thing once he started crashing, letting go of the bike and just sliding behind. He also had great gear on. And then yes he was lucky the bike took the majority of the impact and the car was basically at a standstill by the time he hit it. All of it played a role.
      The gear definitely pulled its weight in this one, as without it, or even with lesser gear, he’d have sustained various injuries. Walking away after a crash like that is almost magical.

  • anthony

    Another moron who thinks he’s Rossi. Go to the track if you want to ride like that, not on public roads.

  • Adrian Balls

    Did he at least apologise to the driver for messing up his day . I love how the whole rear subframe basically fell to pieces.

    • Jonathan Berndt

      subframes are pretty much sacrificial to save the main frame.

  • BobasBounty

    It’s kind of difficult to tell how fast he’s going, but hanging off the bike on normal streets is just stupid. Kinda wonder why cops don’t just sit at these sorts of popular power ranger spots and rack up the revenue.

    • Loren Andrews

      The funny thing is that cops sit at this very corner all the time. The channel where this video is from is dedicated to watching this corner. There are literally hundreds of retards crashing every year on this corner.

  • deckard

    Amusing slant to this article, focusing on riding gear. How about, if you want to ride like this, take it to the track. Where there are no cars, guardrails, or trees. Ride like this on the street, and eventually you’re number will be up.

    • MichaelEhrgott

      This. My avatar is me at the track. I consider myself a pretty good rider but I’m not dumb enough to try do this on the street.

    • robot

      Well the slant is that way because they are not selling Cars, people, or brains.

    • Scott Edson

      Agree. Totally screwed up the Honda driver’s day. GO TO TRACK.

    • Eric R. Shelton

      Agreed 1000%. I totaled my 620 Multistrada in much the same way (went across the oncoming lane, thankfully no traffic) and haven’t ridden like a tool on public roads since. It’s not worth the risk for the rider, and it’s unfair risk to inflict on those we share the road with.

  • Scott Otte

    How does your bare minimum of riding gear not include pants? “Additionally, more conservative riders can opt for a back protector, specially designed riding pants, knee/leg armor, etc.”
    Are legs not important? Did you learn nothing?

    • Harvard J. Nasty, Esq.

      Something to remember as you read these articles: RA sucks now.

      • Tom Gabriele

        It’s true, but I refuse to accept it.

      • Michael Howard

        All the way back to the beginning of HfL, the site has always had a strong element of “style trumps protection”. Stylish (skinny) jeans were preferred over actual riding pants (though after some pretty nasty injuries more focus was given to “riding jeans”). Waist-to-ankle protection has never been especially important to any motorcycle media. Flip through practically any moto mag and the test riders are usually wearing high quality helmets, jackets, gloves and boots — with jeans.

        • Harvard J. Nasty, Esq.

          When in the history of HFL did anyone write that back protectors are for “more conservative riders”?

          HFL recognized that the best gear is the gear you’re wearing. Once good looking riding jeans came on the market (Deth Killers), they were quick to advocate for them.

          • Michael Howard

            I seem to recall that Wes roadrashing his posterior badly had a lot to do with rethinking of riding in jeans. Up to that point they’d been considered good enough for around town.

        • Guzzto

          I totally disagree , RA now seems much more geared towards noobs and new riders and those who want to see “cool” crash videos and toddlers doing “neat” wheelies, every article is written by a different (guest?) writer and there is no voice or clear direction to it’s content. I miss it’s opinionated pieces that dared to challenge the press release as content mentality. And the guy below is right about the back protector being for conservative riders comment is laughable.
          I would also argue that the tone of this piece is all wrong, it’s saying “watch our local hero with all the right gear slide nicely in his leathers” when in fact the tone should be “watch this complete F**kwit ride his bike badly on a public road putting innocent people in the path of his incompetently ridden machine”

          • Michael Howard

            I have no idea what you’re disagreeing with.

    • orthorim

      Yup. Who needs knees?

  • Strafer

    I think one day bikes will have sensors scanning the road for bumps and the bike will constantly adjust the suspension accordingly
    this will make a huge difference in keeping the bike settled and smooth

    • hunkyleepickle

      is that not dynamic suspension…which they already have…

      • orthorim

        It’s called active suspension and a few bikes already have it. I’ve tried it it makes a huge difference. It will save you from bumps in the road. However, nothing can save you from your ego.

    • hunkyleepickle

      is that not dynamic suspension…which they already have…

  • Fernando Cruz

    In hot weather conditions i rather sweet wearing full leathers and full face helmet than bleed. As the other day after walking away (Thank God) from a low side crash in the track. Temperature that day: 103F.

    • Michael Howard

      NO GLOVES?!?!?! ;)

      • IRS4

        Rather sweet!

        Looks like this is POST walking away from low side.

  • darngooddesign

    Why didn’t they jack up the front of the car before pulling the bike out from under it?

  • Tom Gabriele

    I think this author exercised his journalism thesaurus and adjective finder a little much… Not to mention the idiotic perspective.

  • Aaron Snocker

    Cage driver? How about person who was minding their own business until idiot smashes into him. Alternate headline/ story; this is why people who don’t ride hate those of us who do ride .

    • chad west

      Um ,i thought they were just jelous we can do stuff they cant do, but maybe that to

    • Gerection Gerection

      I’d be pretty damn pissed off if I was the driver of that honda!!

  • Jack Meoph

    Wearing protective gear, by now, is a given. If those who choose not to wear gear get chewed up and spit out during a crash, it’s all on them. The message has been out for decades, the gear has been there as well, it’s only willful ignorance at this point for people to not know the benefits of wearing gear and the down side of not wearing gear. And FFS stop riding the street like it’s a track.

  • ben

    where did all of the personality in this blog go?!

  • Blake Bryce

    He was lucky the car got him, if not, it appears he would have slid off the side of a cliff. No amount of gear in the world would have saved him from that.

  • charlie

    I get that sportbike riders (or any rider) want to push the limits of their bikes but you’re talking about public roads, not tracks that are constantly maintained. Even if you know that road like the back of your hand, the car that passed that same area 5 minutes earlier might have let loose some oil or something else.

  • eddi

    Bruce may be using this video as a soapbox for ATGATT. But it should be a soapbox for “stop doing stupid things on the open road.” That’s what tracks are for. Pushing your limits under controlled conditions. Anyone who somehow feels tracks restrict their freedom should not be allowed to ride. And anyone who doesn’t think a track is a superior learning environment for running hard is a fool beyond help. Eating a front bumper, no matter how well you are dressed, is a sign you went over your head and out of control just entering the turn.

  • LiberalNightmare

    For Sale: Yamaha YZF-R6
    Slightly used. Never crashed.
    Some cosmetic issues.

  • glassjaw

    As a rider who regularly enjoys this stretch of Mulholland, I am dumbfounded that you decided to write about his choice of safety gear and not his irresponsible riding. Far too often these guys are riding too aggressively on a public road. Countless times I’ve almost had the same things happen to me, but I’m not in a car, I’m on my bike. What about the guys’ car that was damaged, through no fault of his own. Sure, insurance will cover it. Not to mention the reduced resale value and hassle to have it fixed. What if it were a bicyclist that was hit, of which there are numerous. Would you still write the article praising the jerk his choice of gear? How about do the right thing, as a motorcycle journalist, and write the correct article: Why riding like a clown on public roads hurts motorcycling culture in general.

  • Squabbles

    I hope he keeps doing these sorts of things until

  • srnile

    What a bunch of hater comments. Everyone knows this tiny two mile stretch of road. It has been popular with motorcycles since the 60′s. Very easy to avoid if don’t like the fast pace riding. I stopped driving through this road on weekends, but mostly because so many bicycles. There is no way to pass them without going into the opposing lane & risk getting a ticket

  • srnile

    Great article by the way!

  • NL675R

    We motorcyclists laugh when we can walk away from a car vs. bike crash, but what happens when your bike hit’s a child or fellow rider coming the opposite direction and kills them. If you can afford an R6 and full set of leathers yet you can’t afford a track day?

  • Kamenashi

    “…. Thank God I have a Civic. Time to replace it.”

  • Kathryn

    Yes he was lucky… could have been a fatal if the cars had hit him solidly. They didn’t (thank goodness) and the excellent kit that he was wearing saved him from anything worse than a bruise or two. Had he been of the “shorts, tee-shirt and sneakers” brigade he would have been seriously injured. Severe “road rash” alone can be fatal, being as traumatic as severe burns and the abrasion factor on joints thinly covered with skin cab be quite ghastly, sometimes resulting in amputations.
    That was not good riding on a public road….. Take it to a track day for ‘scratching’ buddy, and never go beyond 75-80% on the road, and a lot less than that if conditions aren’t perfect.
    Keep the rubber on the bottom and the meat on the top y’all… -)