188 HP! 2011 Kawasaki ZX-10R on the dyno


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First, we told you that the 2011 Kawasaki ZX-10R would make 197bhp at the crank (207 with ram air), then we learned that North American Ninjas would lose about 20bhp thanks to problems passing EPA noise regulations. Now, a shop in LA has but a stock ZX-10R on the dyno alongside a de-limited one. The result? A LeoVince pipe and a new ECU map sees 188hp at the back wheel. Take that S1000RR.

This de-restricted number seems to verify Kawasaki’s official claim. Typically, power measured at the rear wheel is 10-15 percent lower than that measured at the crank due to frictional losses in the driveline. Factoring in that loss percentage, you have a power at least meeting and more probably exceeding 197bhp at the crank.

While comparing results from different dynos on different days isn’t terribly accurate since they all kick out slightly different results, the BMW S1000RR typically records a 184hp rear wheel figure.

According to the video, modifications to the stock North American ZX-10R were very small, just, “a tweaked ECU and LeoVince slip-on unlocking full power to redline.”

Here's a nicer sound recording of a ZX-10R running a LeoVince slip-on.

Skank, I think you’ll finally be able to beat One Arm.

Thanks for the tip, A. Calliste.

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