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Image: Oberdan Bezzi

We’ve got a confession to make. While the 2009 VMax is really cool and we look forward to riding it, it’s not a bike we’d ever be interested in owning. At $17,990, it’s not one we could afford either. No, our tastes tend toward the lightweight, the responsive and the challenging; enter the RD350.

This design concept from Motosketches envisages a new model from
Yamaha, one that takes a similar approach to the VMax in that it
reinterprets a cult model with contemporary pace and parts. A simple,
lightweight, high-specification, medium cost, naked two-stroke would
satisfy enthusiasts left cold by the extreme competence of modern
sportsbikes while still being capable of tackling a back road or a
racetrack with aplomb.  A steel tube framed, two-cylinder RD could
compete on price and performance with something like an SV650 or FZ6,
but offer much more involvement and reward to the experienced rider.

via Motosketches

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