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March 23, 2007: Los Angeles, California

Two middle-aged men in identical, middle-of-the-range suits enter. One is slightly overweight, the other is suspiciously tan for the time of year.

Marketing Consultant 1: How was the party this weekend? You finally bang that Donna chick?

Marketing Consultant 2: Nah, bro, that chick’s crazy.

Marketing Consultant 1: I’m feeling you, brother. So what’s the score with this new quad?

Marketing Consultant 2: It’s the Raptor 250. Basically, the hottest thing Yamaha’s making right now.


Picture 11.png
Marketing Consultant 1: Looks hot. Bet it’s not as fast as my Lexus. I had it up to 110 on the PCH last week.

Marketing Consultant 2: Yeah, man, you should check my new BMW. It’s got a V6.

Marketing Consultant 1: So what are we doing?

Marketing Consultant 2: I dunno man. Want to get lunch at that new Thai place? The waitresses are hot. I think Yamaha wants to sell it to a younger demographic or something. Apparently, it’s like really light or something. Says here it weighs 313 lbs.

Marketing Consultant 1: That’s almost as much as your ex-wife. Dammmnnnn. So what are we gonna do?

Marketing Consultant 2: I dunno. Let’s just slap some decals on it and call it something special.

Marketing Consultant 1: I hear custom bikes are hot right now.

Marketing Consultant 2: Totally. Let’s call it the custom and make the decals look like tribal tattoos.

Marketing Consultant 1: Awesome.

Marketing Consultant 2: Cost to us: 34 cents per unit. Getting down with the young folks: priceless.

Fade to black.

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