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Already one of the most desirable off-road bikes on the market, it appears that the Aprilia RXV will be updated for 2009. The information comes from an official service manual posted online by the company, revealing the presence of a partially red frame and a new straight swingarm to replace the 2008 model’s diamond arrangement.


Compared to the 2008 RXV seen above, the new swingarm and upper frame
clearly stand out. While the frame likely receives only a lick of
paint, the swingarm — already being tested on Aprilia Benelux team
bikes — is likely changed to be lighter and stiffer, two improvements
that would make it more suitable for enduro racing. It's unclear if the changes will also find their way onto the 2009 Aprilia SXV supermoto.


Aprilia Forum via Aprilia News

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