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Continuing its march towards a wider market share, Aprilia is adding a half fairing to the Shiver 750 to create an all-new model, the Shiver 750 GT. In addition to that fairing, the 95bhp water-cooled v-twin receives a drive mode selector that works through the existing ride-by-wire system to offer three power delivery modes. Sport is normal, with maximum power and torque; Tour scales back the responsiveness a bit; Rain does that and reduces the 60lb/ft of torque by 25%.


While systems like this sound largely redundant to experienced riders,
they do help reduce the intimidation felt by riders moving up to big
bikes for the first time, a market Aprilia hopes to capitalize on with
the Shiver. While we're not huge fans of the GT's Bandit-like fairing,
we can think of many worse bikes than the Shiver to use as the platform
for a budget sports tourer.


Aprilia quotes no weight on the 750 GT, but we'd imagine it's a few kilos more than the unfaired version's 189kg (dry).



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