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Update 2: The Ducati 1198 official images and info have leaked. Click here for the article.

A company insider has exclusively revealed to us that Ducati will be upping the 1098's capacity to 1198cc for 2009. In keeping with the 1200cc World Superbike v-twin capacity limit, the Ducati 1098R already displaces 1198cc, so we expect to see a version of its engine used in the 2009 Ducati 1198, but in a lower state of tune and using less exotic parts. An educated guess would put the 1198's power output halfway between the 1098's 160bhp and the 1098R's 180bhp. There's no word on the 1098R's performance-oriented traction control trickling down to lesser models. But that's not all Ducati has in store for 2009.

Update: More information on power, weight and pricing follows the jump.

Our source has just confirmed that the 1198 will have 170bhp. While the base 1198 receives a $500 price bump (to $16,495 in the US), the 1198S will remain the same at $20,995 (US). We've also learned that 1198 will be lighter than the outgoing 1098 and may receive a facelift.

It looks like that $500 price increase will be carried over to most bikes in Ducati's range, including the 848, which receives no other significant changes.

The same source also says to expect two versions of the 2009 Ducati Monster 1100, the regular 1100 and an S with Öhlins suspension. There's also an all-new model that, "is a cross between a
Tuono, Brutale and fits between Monster and Hypermotard." It will be
powered by the outgoing water-cooled 1099cc engine from the 1098, but with a smaller airbox that means less power and shotgun-style dual exhausts mounted on one side.

Let's see, assuming a 2009 Ducati 1198S will join the non-lettered
1198, that checks five off the list of the 10 new models Ducati says it
will unveil by 2010. The capacity increase and name change is in
keeping with Ducati's long history of gradual engine updates based on
Superbike developments. Think 916, 996, 996R, 998 etc.

We'll have to wait for the 2008 EICMA show in November for official
info and images, but we'll see if we can't sneak you some more of both
before then.

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