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Yikes, we thought the European 2009 Honda CBR600RR ABS was bad. This Phoenix scheme reminds of the kind of clothes worn by the trashy offspring of Russian oligarchs on holidays in southern Europe circa 2002. We're not sure if that's where Honda got their exact design inspiration, as it could just as likely have come from one of David Beckham's less fortunate tattoos. It's a shame, because the CBR600RR was already one of the best 600s ever, offering both extreme practicality and performance and the addition of sport-tuned Combined ABS promises to make it even more so. The other colors follow the jump.



The ABS system adds about 10kg in weight, but brings with it the promise of later on-track braking, more confidence while decelerating and faster lap times. There's no other major mechanical changes for 2009.


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