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Now available in Truly Horrible Bronze™, Unfortunate Kawasaki Green™ and Just Plain Awful Monster Energy Black With Silly Green Claw Marks™, the ZX-14 has completed its metamorphosis into the ugliest motorcycle ever made. No mechanical modifications have been made to the 193bhp, 257kg / 557lb (wet) monstrosity for 2009.

Making all of this worse are the truly awful Kawasaki press photos,
which look like they were shot using a Canon Rebel fitted with the
for-novices-only stock 18-55mm lens. Of course, even that’s not as bad
as the “edgy” urban shots.


Styled with some of Icon and Joe Rocket's tackiest gear,
they just look like a lame, middle-aged marketing person who doesn’t
ride tried his hand at art direction, which is probably precisely what
happened. The company would have been better off just turning over
shooting duties to Icon itself, the clothing maker’s own press and
marketing shots actually capture the whole urban street aggression
thing Kawasaki tried to go for.

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