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Kushitani's latest range-topper, the Nexus, may be the coolest racing suit on the market. The company's site allows for just about any possible color combination including metallics, variable font combinations, personalized patches, an option to ditch the unsightly logos and even a CamelPak in the aero-hump. In fact, the only constant is the pattern. >

Competing with racing suits from Alpinestars and Dainese, the Nexus comes with full body armor, detachable liner and a heavy dose of exotic materials including the super fiber Zylon, which is similar in strength to kevlar and is a regulated safety feature to line cockpits in F1 and Indy race cars. Water resistant K-foam gel is used heavily for shock absorption as well as wave-patterned trans-foam for the backbone.

The best part remains the near-infinite possibilities for customization in what has to be the greatest user interface for destroying productivity since the Yamaha Virtual Simulation. Just when we couldn't take any more, we discovered we could make matching a matching set of GPW-1 boots and GPR gloves. And that's when our heads exploded.

An entire custom outfit will put you back $3,356, which is still $143 dollars less than Dainese's Tattoo YKZ sans boots and gloves. Even more amazing is that Kushitani isn't limiting its custom services to the range-toppers. Go for cheaper a suit, boots and gloves and you'll bring that figure down significantly.

After hours of grueling choices between No.13 Champagne Gold, No.23 Mint Green, No. 34 Rose Pink or No.29 Oriental Blue, we've arrived at these five ideas for custom suits.


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