According to Motociclismo, who commissioned this illustration, next year’s new 675cc, three-cylinder MV Agusta could make up to 140bhp while weighing as little as 160kg. While we think both figures are a little ambitious, they do highlight just how competitive the sports middleweight market is. In comparison, the Triumph Daytona 675 — a bike the new MV closely resembles in spec — makes 123bhp while weighing in at 165kg dry. Expect the MV Agusta 675 to make a little more power and weigh a little less thanks to more exotic materials, which will help account for a much higher price tag.

We find it somewhat surprising that MV Agusta is able to afford the development of such a drastically different new model given the company’s financial woes. Should the rumored Harley-Davidson buyout go through, the injection of capital would go an awfully long way to making this bike and others like it a reality.

via Motociclismo

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