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Facelifts, usually at around the two-year mark, are all the rage in supersport 600 circles. It seems that Triumph isn’t immune to fashion (despite offering the class-defying Triumph Daytona 675 in a putrid shade of piss yellow), taking a knife to the Daytona’s still beautiful face in an effort to keep it at the top of the class. In addition to the more aggressive, yet bizarrely Honda DN-01-like headlights, the 2009 model loses 3kg (now 162kg), gains 3bhp (now 128bhp) and receives a host of less numerical but equally important tweaks.


Most of the weight shaving takes place in the exhaust, which sheds 2kg,
while a useful 1kg is taken off the unsprung weight with new wheels.
Suspension and brakes are also upgraded; the latter feature Nissin’s
latest radial monobloc calipers.


The power gain is thanks to a 450rpm-higher rev limit, while the stock
engine also gains the hydraulic cam chain tensioner and taller first
gear previously available in the race kit. An optional add-on will be a
“plug and play” quick shifter, which we’re both surprised and delighted
to see on a factory options list. We’d totally check that box but only
for novelty value. The 675 is already capable of far outperforming our
riding talent.


Not pictured (thanks Triumph press photographer!) are the revised
instruments and cockpit. The 2009 model will be available in black and
red. We’ll take one of each.


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