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MCN is claiming this is an official press shot of the all-new 2009 V-Max. If true, it'll mean they violated Yamaha's June 4 embargo on shots. Noting the similarity between this and the concept press shot after the jump, we're a little bit skeptical of the authenticity of their claim. Having said that, the number of differences between the two bikes is significant and we can detect no obvious Photoshop flaws. Should this be the new model, it's incredibly faithful to the concept, differing mainly in the use of more realistic engine covers, upside-down forks, a silver exhaust and an actual seat. No details or specifications have been released yet, but expect the 2009 V-Max to make around 200bhp and possibly recapture the honor of being the fastest production bike in the 1/4 mile.

Update: It looks like the final engine specs have leaked: the new V-Max's engine will be an 1800cc v4 with 210bhp.



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