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What's happening to us? Years of carefully cultivated taste are being thrown aside. Our identity is lost. We actually find two Harley models desirable. Homoerotic name aside, this new V-Rod Muscle joins the XR1200 among the ranks of the functional, fast and sexy motorcycles.


The Muscle's (ick) smooth, muscular surfaces evoke power and solidity,
while its non-solid wheels and simplified exhausts add a purposeful
stance absent from the regular V-Rod's feminine cartoonishness. The
angular, riveted cowls on the leading edge of the airbox cover —
intended to evoke armor-clad shoulders — are the only low point (they're just too heavy handed). The best feature is the simple
drag-style rear fender and its incorporated lights. More bikes should
keep things this simple. The rest is stock V-Rod, meaning it'll be
pretty fast in a straight line, but not so much in a corner.



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