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The 2009 Yamaha FZ6R is exactly the kind of motorcycle just about everyone should ride. Its 78bhp engine (based on the previous generation R6) is tuned for torque (although Yamaha has yet to quote a figure), meaning it’ll be easy to use; at 212kg (467lbs) wet, its relatively lightweight; at $7,000 its relatively cheap; and with an upright, comfortable riding position and protective fairing it’ll be versatile too. The problem with bikes like this (think Suzuki SV650 or Honda CBF600) is that they normally lack both sexy looks and headline grabbing performance figures, so buyers ignore them, especially in this country. By giving it up-to-date looks Yamaha is hoping the FZ6R will change that.


The thinking goes, that with increasing fuel prices there’ll finally be
demand in the US for practical motorcycles. In addition to just being a
good, basic bike, Yamaha is hoping that features like a seat that
adjusts up and down by 20mm will attract riders intelligent enough not
to fall for the tempting looks of a supersport bike. Which they
shouldn’t, the FZ6R will be equally good at commuting and touring as it
will at weekend rides or as a first big bike. Consider this a test, if the FZ6R sells in decent
numbers, manufacturers will bring in more practical motorcycles, if it
doesn’t, they won’t. It’s up to you.



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