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For some reason, bike manufacturers have stopped quoting power and torque figures for new models. This could be to do with variations in individual engine power due to production tolerances, but we’re guessing it’s to avoid both litigation and legislation. So thanks to our saner European neighbors, we can reveal that the 2009 Yamaha  R1 makes 180bhp at 12,500rpm and 85lb/ft of torque at 10,000rpm. In comparison the 2008 R1 made 178bhp and 83lb/ft, both figures occurring at the same revs as the new model and all figures sans forced induction. Considering that the 2009 model is 2kg heavier than before, all this appears about even. Of course, the big difference will come in the way the new motor and its M1-like crossplane crankshaft delivers its power. We have yet to figure out exactly how that works, but we’ll get back to you when we do.
via MotoJournal

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