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Zero lost the first ever electric motocross race in Las Vegas to arch-rival Quantya due to severely mangled spokes and underperforming suspension. While the standard Zero X isn't built for the harsh conditions of a supercross track, Neal Saiki and crew didn't take long to rectify the problem. The 2009 Zero MX addresses these failures with a motocross-specific model that beefs up everything minus the standard chassis, motor and battery.

Update: a video of the MX in action follows the jump.

Priced at $8,250 sans shipping, the new model is available immediately. The Zero MX's biggest upgrades are the 19" wheels with redesigned spokes, new 48 mm upside-down Marzocchi forks, a freshly designed rear shock with adjustable spring preload and dampening and the entire interface with new instrument panel and switches. There's a host of smaller improvements as well including a larger chain and sprockets, a wider, taller handlebar, upgraded brakes and system internals.

They're also offering an upgrade package that gets a more powerful motor and custom valved and sprung internals for the Marzocchi forks. Let's just say we're anxious for out nearest Zero rep to get one in for us to ride.

Zero Motorcycles

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