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Coming a year after the Aprilia RSV4 Factory, this lower-spec model ditches the Ohlins suspension in favor of Showa forks and a Sachs rear shock while retaining the 180bhp 65° V4. No official price has yet been announced in any market, but Aprilia hopes to compete with Japanese liter bikes and the the BMW S1000RR, so expect something in the neighborhood of $15,000. Full details on the Aprilia RSV4 R below.

Update: Make sure you check out our 2010 Aprilia RSV4 R review.


Due for an official release at this weekend's Imola SBK race, the WorldSBK website published an initial low-res photo which led to the release of more images and details from other sources. We're exclusively bringing you these high-res images.

The RSV4 Factory and RSV4 R follow in the mold of the v-twin RSV 1000 R range; the Factory is the range-topping carbon, magnesium and Ohlins-equipped model sold in order to homologate the SBK racers, while the R is fitted with more realistic components and priced to sell in large numbers.

While the R retains the Factory's basic frame and engine, both of those are modified to lower costs. The R's engine ditches the expensive and lightweight magnesium engine covers in favor of aluminum items, while the chassis has lost its ability to adjust the swingarm pivot point, the steering head angle and the engine's position.

Still present is the fly-by-wire throttle and its three switchable power delivery modes. "Race" offers the full 180bhp and 115lb/ft of torque, "Sport" delivers full power but limits torque in the first three gears and "Road" reduces power to 140bhp and also limits torque throughout the rev range and in all gears.

The 43mm Showa USD forks remain fully adjustable, as does the Sachs shock.

We're really happy to see Aprilia's gone with solid color options (you can choose between black or white) on the plastic panels. The cohesive finishes of the R -- mostly silver or black mechanical components -- actually look better than the confused look created by the magnesium and gold parts and red/black paint on the Factory.

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