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The CityX has always been one of the most stand-out models in Buell's already unique range. The 2010 Buell Lightning CityX XB12SX adds the ubiquitous 93bhp, 77lb/ft 1203cc Sportster-derived V-twin to the CityX's upright chassis, iMac-influenced translucent bodywork and supermoto-inspired styling cues. That's a 13bhp, 19lb/ft advantage for only a 2kg weight penalty (the XB12SX weighs just 179kg dry).

We've found the regular Buell XB12S to be a near-ideal city bike, so
the brush guards and grippy-from-cold Pirelli Scorpion Sync tires
should make it just about perfect. Just watch out for wheelies.

Like the rest of the 2010 Buell range, the XB12SX receives a revised
front brake caliper,  new rear turn signals and an LED taillight.


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