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Remember just two weeks ago when Harley announced its earnings had dropped 91 percent? Well banish those memories, Harley-Davidson is roaring into 2010 with nine entirely new* models! Wow, when CEO Keith Wandell said the company would be investing in the brand, we thought that was just a cleverly disguised euphemism for firing people, we had no idea it would actually stretch all the way to new paint colors and this comprehensive of a raiding of its existing parts bin. If these all-new models can't bring young people into the Harley family, we don't know what will!

"This ambitious new motorcycle launch reaches to our riders with the
incredible passion that Harley-Davidson has inspired for more than a
century," said Bill Davidson, Harley-Davidson Vice President of Core
Customer Marketing. "We are thrilled to offer our customers nine new
models and a full selection of products for 2010 that lets their
enthusiasm for enjoying great motorcycles continue at full throttle!"
[exclamation point added for emphasis]

Headlining the all-new range of entirely new models is an
unprecedentedly new plating process called "Midnight Pearl" used on the
headlight cover, timer and derby covers, fender strut covers and other
equally exciting bits and pieces on the CVO Fat Bob. While Harley doesn't officially claim any
performance, fuel-economy or handling benefits due to the fear of
overwhelming you with awesomeness, we hear from a company insider that
this new color is good for at least a 50bhp increase from the Screamin'
Eagle Twin Cam 110ci V-Twin, at last putting it on par with the
European maxi-scooter competition. It's massive changes like that that
are really going to make 2010 model year Harleys fly out of dealer
show rooms!

Elsewhere in the range, you'll find exciting all-new features like
"slammed suspension," "an optional flame paint scheme," "a larger front
wheel," "a new tail light assembly," " a slimmed-down exhaust," "new
paint schemes and styling details" and plenty of something called
"light and lean extreme!"

To say that we're overwhelmed by the way in which Harley has honored a
long tradition of American innovation, American quality, American
competitiveness, American courage, American vision, American progress
and our favorite American tradition of all, honesty, wouldn't
accurately express the emotions these new American motorcycles make us

In fact, all we can say about these 2010 Harleys is: America, fuck yeah!


* This statement may not be entirely true.
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