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The wraps just came off the Honda Fury here in New York. Largely in exercise in combining the kind of reliability and safety Honda's famous for with chopper style -- choppers are traditionally neither reliable nor safe to ride -- the emphasis is on the styling.


At 663lbs (wet) the Fury is a seriously heavy motorcycle; with a
wheelbase of 71.24 inches it also has an incredibly long wheelbase, the
longest of any current production bike in fact. The 1312cc V-twin is
liquid-cooled and fuel-injected, making it fairly high-tech for a
chopper. But with just a 3.4-gallon fuel tank, don't expect to enjoy
its smooth engine for too long before stopping to refill. Maintenance
should be a breeze though not only will the engine be reliable, but the
shaft drive requires no regular adjustment.

The Fury isn't our kind of bike and we're a bit worried that coming so
long after the peak of the chopper craze that it won't be the kind of
bike that proves terribly popular with the public either. Having said
that if you must ride a barely functional excuse for a motorcycle, this
is probably your best bet.


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