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The Kawasaki KX450F, fitted with fuel-injection and a kickstart, only debuted last year, but its already being improved with more power, more durability and more rideability. The big upgrade is the first mass-production use of a bridged-box bottom piston, allowing for more power at high and over-rev engine speeds.

Kawasaki's unique DFI fuel-injection does away with the battery,
achieving electricity to start through the stroke of the kickstarter.
The tiny ECU brings new setting for better engine response at low to
mid engine speeds, while an optional ECU tool allows rider to fine tune
the injection settings to suit specific conditions. That tool can also
be used as a datalogger, recording up to six hours of data, including
engine rpm, degree of throttle opening, engine boost, coolant temp, air
temp, ignition timing, fuel adjustments, gear position and system

Chassis geometry and design has also been tweaked to improve traction
and ease-of-use and the radiator is larger for better cooling.

The 2010 Kawasaki KX250F also receives the bridged-box bottom piston
and the increase in power it brings, while other similar tweaks improve
rideability and all-out performance.


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