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Really just some white paint and a blue frame on a 2009 Triumph Daytona 675, these colors nevertheless combine to create a seriously good-looking motorcycle. The special edition has only been announced for European sale so far, but like the 15th Anniversary Triumph Speed Triple, we bet we'll see it here in a couple of months. We're impressed by the taste and restraint shown by Triumph's design team, the blue paint really emphasizes the lines of the aluminum tube frame while the white paint and relative lack of graphics reinforce the Daytona's exotic appeal. Compare it to the awkward red/white 2009 Yamaha R1 and you'll see just how right this bike is.

Update: It looks like the SE will be available in the US shortly, but there'll only be 350 examples available here. It's priced at $9,999. Also, because we like you so much, we've added another 1280px wide image to the gallery above.


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