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This is the much rumored new motorcycle brand from Germany. Horex has developed its own VR6 engine which makes 197bhp, 110lb/ft of torque and displaces 1,200cc. The 530lbs (240kg) weight is almost as considerable as the €20,000 price. Sales of the Horex VR6 begin early next year in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, but the new company plans to expand to the rest of Europe and America in the near future.

Update: now with high-res pictures.

Update 2: way more info.


You probably associate the "VR6" name with VW, who first developed the
arrangement in the late '80s, but it's actually just a generic name for
a monoblock design with offset pistons in rows. The "VR" comes from a
combination of "V-motor" and "Reihenmotor," the German words for a V
engine and an inline engine respectively. It's a uniquely suitable
arrangement for a motorcycle, packing six cylinders into a package only
slightly larger than an inline-four and considerably shorter than a V6,
in fact, VW originally created the design so they could package six
cylinders into cars only intended to accommodate four. VR6 engines use a
single cylinder head and this one has three parallel camshafts.

As the rumor of Horex's inception have spread, so to have rumors of an
affiliation with VW. Such doesn't appear to be the case, although it's
logical to assume they're either using the VR engine configuration with
the permission of VW or purchased it from the automaker. VW is listed by Horex as a technical partner.

There's a lot of information to digest here, so we're including the press material below while we try to wrap our heads around it. 

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