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Not just in the muddy sense, but also in the screw-emissions-we're-going-two-stroke sense. For the first time ever, Husaberg is including two-stroke models in its product range. The 2011 Husaberg TE 250 and 2011 Husaberg TE 300 do what they say on the tin and benefit from all the upgrades the rest of the '11 model range gets. Details below. >

Comprehensively redesigned for 2009 with 70° cylinder engines and other
enhancements, changes for 2011 are largely in detail. There's bold new
graphics, strengthened head stocks for the supermotos, but most
importantly there's new closed-cartridge forks across the range that are
claimed to bring "increased sensitivity" and deliver linear action
throughout the entire length of the fork's action.


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